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Liverpool have played Manchester United a total of 178 times in competitive matches. As of January 2010, Manchester United have won 68 matches and Liverpool have won 60 (the other 50 have been draws).

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Manchester United

All time head to head record: Man utd 71 wins Liverpool 60 wins

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Manchester united

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Q: Who is won more games against each other between Liverpool and man united?
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Who has won more head to head matches Liverpool Or Manchester United?

liverpool by 2 games

Which is the onlyPlayers to have played in games between Everton v Liverpool- Rangers v Celtic -Manchester city v Manchester united?

remi moses

In last 200 meetings between Manchester United and Liverpool how many times did Liverpool has won and how many times did the Manchester United?

i truly have no idea but i think it would be close between them i mean man u would win all the games for three straight seasons and then Liverpool would win for three straight reasons something like that so it would be pretty close i think. =D

How many games did Liverpool win against Man U in the last 100 matches.?


What was the score between Liverpool and Blackburn in the 1994 - 1995 premeiership games?

Liverpool beat Blackburn Rovers 3-2 at Anfield.

What is the total games champions league and Premiership between Manchester United and Liverpool FC and results for both sides? This website can do games between any team it knows...# NOT JUST ENGLISH# Steve Hughes

What club has the best record in soccer?

Manchester United for their games won. Liverpool also has the best record for their tittles.

Who won the most games out Aston Villa and Liverpool since they first game they played against each other?

Liverpool, with 80 wins. Villa have won 52 and there have been 38 draws.

Did Rigobert Song played for Liverpool?

yes he played 33 games for Liverpool before moving to west Ham United and playing 24 there. then he moved on from the Premiership to Koln, Lens and is now at Galatasary

When was the last time Manchester united lost 2 games in a row in the premier league?

The last time Manchester United lost two games in a row , were in the month of march 2009 . When they lost to Liverpool and then Fulham.

Is Liverpool in merseyside?

Yes Liverpool is a merseyside. And the matches are called merseyside games.

What are last season scores between Man Utd and Liverpool last year?

They where 2-1 at Anfield and 4-1 at Old Trafford, Liverpool won both games