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She has to face Trish Stratus.

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Q: Who is vickie Guerrero versing to get her job back on raw?
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Why is Vickie Guerrero still in WWE?

Because she is good at her job, she is the best heel manager that WWE has had in a long time!!

Is WWE superstar edge married?

well he was marred to vickie gurarro. he said it was for the stuff but when vickie quit her job as raw manger he dumbed her on raw

Did EDGE get fired?

I think he did because vickie came out and said he was about to lose his job.

Is Vickie Guerrero going to be fired?

The WWE reporters say that because of Vickie's actions on WWE she may get fired. Also her matchs are made and the details of interference. The tale going around states that she will get fired at summer slam but most do think that the tale is not true it is just a thought that most think. Vickie COULD get fired if she keeps cheating for edge and holding on to the heavy weight championship belt. That could make her job and most of her positions slip. August 5, 2008 I don't know where you get your informations, but it most certainly not from WWE. There are no plans for Vickie to Be fires. Vickie can get fired to make the undertaker return as the American badass that rides the bicycle that's one way

Is edge using vickie?

yes because he only married her for her power after she quit her job on raw

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The new general manager right now in 2009 is teddy long he got his spot back when vickie guerreo decided to general manage Raw. Only because Ric Flair turned the job down to be the GM of Smackdown though.

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