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Sohail Abbas The young pakistani hockey player

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Q: Who is the youngest recorded field hockey player?
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What is the fastest recorded field hockey shot?

There wasn't yet any recorded field hockey shot ever.

When is a player in offsides position in field hockey?

There is no offside in field hockey.

Who was the most famous field hockey player ever?

Dhyan Chand is by far the best field hockey player th@ ever was or will be.

How often are steroids used in field hockey?

Drug abuse is extremely rare in field hockey; there are almost no cases recorded in the history of the FIH.

Who is hockey player?

A field hockey player: Captain of the Australian Kookaburras team, Jamie Dwyer.

What is a field hockey player?

Jessie Coleman

Who is the best womens field hockey player?

In my view it is Luciana Aymar. She is the Diego Maradona of field hockey.

Who was dhyanchand and what sport did he play?

He was an Indian hockey player and played field hockey

Who is the most famous female field hockey player?

Hayley Wickenheiser is the famous female hockey player.

Who is an English field hockey player?

Crista Cullen.

When do you know you're a field hockey player?

The first clue would probably be the fact that you play field hockey, for a start.

Who is the most famous women field hockey player?

Ira Wiener is the most famous women field hockey player. She scored an average of 3.7 PPG.

What is a good diet for a field Hockey player?

burgers lol

Who is the most famous field hockey player?

Sohail Abbas

Who is asia's best field hockey player?

Sohail Abbas

Who is the best field hockey player of India?

dhanraj pillay

What makes a good field hockey player?

Millions of Dollars

What is a Gazelle Runner?

an amazingly fast field hockey player

Who is hakeem Thompson?

Hakeem Thompson is a field hockey player

Who are the top 10 FIELD hockey players in the world?

The very best field hockey player is Tourn de Nooijer, the Dutch Captain.

What is the job of each umpire in field hockey?

To implement the Rules of Hockey whilst maintaining Player Safety

Who is the worlds best female field hockey player?

Luciana Aymar (Argentina) considered the Hockey Maradona

Who is the best hockey player?

for ice hockey most people say Wayne Gretzky is however for field hockey jamie dwyer is :)

What is the field called for a hockey game?

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

Does a field hockey player always have to play with the stick in the right hand?