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The first clue would probably be the fact that you play field hockey, for a start.

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Q: When do you know you're a field hockey player?
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Do they use helmets in hockey?

yes they do for ice hockey and only for the goalie for field hockey and i don't know about ball hockey

What are the differences and simillarities between field hockey and mini hockey?

I will tell you the ones i know of. Mini hockey is only played in a half of a hockey field, or even smaller, and there are 8 that play. Field hockey is played full field (the whole hockey field) and you have 11 players that play (including the goalkeeper). They are both similar in that they both play with hockey sticks and they are still a type of hockey. The same rules apply in both.

How do you know who gets the ball first in field hockey?

Coin toss

What country has been most successful in field hockey?

Well, the countries that i know that have been most successful in field hockey have been, Australia, India and Pakistan. I actually think that field hockey is a really cool sport! but awesome question.

Name at least three attacking skills that a hockey player should know?

name at least three attacking skills that a hockey player should know

Are Astroturf hockey sticks more expensive than field hockey sticks?

Generally, they are both the same as far as I know.

Can learning hockey help you become a better hockey player?

Well yeah!!! You kinda have to know how the game is played in order to be a good player.

What is called hokey ground?

Maybe field hockey? I don't know exactly what you mean.....

Which hockey player is know for being a great hockey fighter?

Shawn Thornton;Dan Carcillo;Milan Lucic

Where is hockey from?

It orriganated from Canada, but it moved down and arround the world. I know because I'm a Ice Hockey player!

Pro guitar player earnings?

if youre good and know how to promote yourself you my find earnings.

Where is ice hockey from?

It orriganated from Canada, but it moved down and arround the world. I know because I'm a Ice Hockey player!

When was field hockey first brought to America?

not sure what year, but i know the us has not played for a long time

What is a playmaker in hockey?

A playmaker in hockey is when one single player gets three assists in one game. If you don't know what an assist is, it is when a player passes the puck to another player on their team and then that person scores.

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How do you know when you are ovulating?

Do you know who Taylor hall is?

taylor hall is a hockey player who plays for the windsor spitfires

Why do men who play field hockey tend to be gay?

In no sport does any person tend towards anything regarding sexual orientation. Field hockey is the same; men and women of all orientations play it in a roughly proportionate mix. I am a man who plays field hockey. I am not gay. I know many other men who also play field hockey. To my knowledge all are either definitely heterosexual or have not, either implicitly or explicitly, identified themselves as gay.

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yes she is know married with a hockey player i don't know his name but i promise i will find out.

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There are four Helen Grant. Helen Grant (author), British author Helen Grant (field hockey), England women's field hockey player Helen Grant (politician), British Member of Parliament Helen Grant (writer), British writer and journalist The only husband we know of is Simon Grant, to Helen Grant the politician.

Is hockey entertaining?

Hockey is very entertaining to people who know the rules. If you don't know the rules, then hockey is hard to understand.

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What famous people were given the nickname Bulldog?

The most famous player i know of it Hunter "BullDog" Nadolski. Hockey Player on the Branchburg Penguins.

Hi Im a gymnast and I have to do only one sport out of the two Gymanstics or Field Hockey what should I do I really need your help Im really counting on you all to help me solve my Big problem.?

I think you shoould go with Gymnastics and field hockey it will work I know it will!!!

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i dont know but i know that youre gay