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Dhyan Chand is by far the best Field Hockey player th@ ever was or will be.

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Q: Who was the most famous field hockey player ever?
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Some famous hockey players?

The greatest hockey player the world has ever produced is Magician of hockey 'Dhyanchand' from India.

Is a field hockey player ever given a red card like in soccer?

Yes, they can.

When was Wayne Gretzky inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Wayne Gretzky is a world famous hockey player that was inducted into the hall of fame in 1999. He is one of the most famous hockey players to ever play the game.

Who is the most cutest hockey player ever?

the cutest hockey player ever will always be Sidney Crosby !!!

What is the fastest recorded field hockey shot?

There wasn't yet any recorded field hockey shot ever.

Why Late Major Dhyan Chand of India was known as the Wizard of Field Hockey?

Late Major Dhyan Chand, greatest ever hockey player, was known as the wizard of Field Hockey because of his unmatched dribbling skill and phenomenal control on ball. He used to score many goals every match, credit to his great hockey skills. That's something for which he was known as ''The Wizard of Field Hockey''

Who is famous hockey player of Pakistan?

A very famous Green Shirt player is Waseem Ahmad, the ex captain. He is said to be the best left half in the world and he is the most capped midfielder ever.

Who plays field hockey?

I've played field hockey for almost six years. I LOVEit.I'm a defence player/ goalie.It truly is the best sport ever played on the earth.

When did people start to play field hockey?

when ever they wanted to when ever they wanted to

What is an NHL rookie hockey player do?

play hockey for what ever team that drafted them

Who is the greatest nhl hockey player ever?


What is the greatest hockey player ever?

well the greatest hockey player that ever lived, played ford tenby tigers between 1962-1973 his name was jackus dunfordus ...

Does a tie count in field hockey?

no, 1 player at a time on the other teams goalie does strokes. everyone from each team does it on the goalie. who-ever has the most strokes, wins.

Who is the best hockey player in France?

The best ice hockey player France has ever produced is undoubtedly goaltender Cristobal Huet.

Who is the best hockey player ever?

wayne gretzky

Best hockey player ever?

Morgan Rielly

Who is the worst hockey player ever?

tie domi

Who was the worst hockey player ever?

Derek Hammer

Who is the worst hockey player in the world?

Michael Tabet is the worst hockey player in the world; due to the fact he is the biggest grinder ever. lol

Who is mike gretzkey?

i think he was the greatest hockey player ever

Who is the oldest professional hockey player ever?

Gordie Howe

Who was the smallest pro hockey player ever?

Roy Worters.

Who is Dylan H?

Best roller hockey player ever!

Who was the most heavy player of hockey ever?

Derek boogard.

Who is the world's best field hockey player?

Such a label is a matter of personal opinion and a comparison between positions cannot be made easily; a better question would be "who is the best hockey player at XYZ position", and even then would be highly debatable.Dhyan Chand is obviously the greatest player ever..!Major Dhyan "Chand" SinghActually, in my opinion the best field hockey player is Teun de Nooijer who is the captain of the Dutch Hockey Team, but you may have your own opinion.Teun Floris de Nooijer