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Waqar younis has taken 5 wicket haul in the age of 18

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Q: Who is the youngest bowler to get 5 wickets in an innings in icc cricket world cup?
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How many bowler took 7 wickets in one innings in worldcup cricket?

only one bowler,McGrath took 7 wickets

What is called a 5 wicket haul in cricket?

A single bowler taking 5 wickets in an innings is called "a 5 wicket haul"

Which bowler took most wickets in one innings in cricket?

In 1956, England spin bowler Jim Laker took 19 wickets for 90 runs (19-90) which set not only the Test record for best match figures but also the first-class one.[15] Laker's second innings analysis of 10-53 was the first occasion of a bowler taking all ten wickets in a Test match innings and they remain the best innings figures. Indian Leg-spinner Anil Kumble is the only other bowler to have taken 10 wickets in an innings, claiming 10-74 against Pakistan in 1999.[16]

Who was the first bowler to take 100 wickets in Test Cricket?

The first bowler to reach the target of 100 wickets in Test Cricket was Johnny Briggs of England.

What does took 5 wickets mean?

Took five wickets means taking 5 or 5+ wickets by a single bowler in an innings.

Which Indian bowler took 6 wickets in the 2003 Cricket World Cup?

Ashish Nehra was the Indian Bowler who took 6 wickets in the 2003 Cricket World Cup.

Who was the first bowler to take 300 wickets in test cricket?

Fred Trueman, of England, was the first bowler to take 300 Test wickets

Who was the youngest bowler to take 50 test wickets?

waqar younis

Who is the second bowler in the world in the history of cricket to claim all 10 wickets in an innings?

Anil Kumble of IndiaIn February 1999, Kumble bowled out Pakistan 10 for 74, becoming only the second player in the history of Test cricket to take all ten wickets in an innings (after Jim Laker of England in 1956).

Is Muralidaran the best bowler in the world?

Yes he is the best bowler in the world. He gets 800 wickets in test cricket.

Which bowler has the best figures in an innings in Twenty20 Internationals?

Ajantha mendis 6 wickets for 8 runs

A bowler gets a three wicket in a match in three different overs but its a ha-trick?

No. A hat-trick in cricket is three wickets from successive balls. That can span from the end of one over to the beginning of the bowler's next, although not across innings.

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