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Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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Q: Who is the world number ones men tennis player?
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Where can you buy tennis clothing?

Most sporting clothes retailers will stock tennis clothing. There are however some specialist ones such as tennis planet and direct tennis. Sports direct offer budget priced clothing for the tennis player.

Facilities and equipments used in table tennis?

There are a number of facilities and equipment used in table tennis. The basic ones include a table, bats, net and a ball.

Who are the highest paid tennis players?

Tiger woods is the highest paid tennis player ever . As for the other ones ,the only one i know it's that roger federer is one of the highest paid players and he might be the highest paid tennis player in a few years!!!!!

When a tennis player picks up 3 balls at the start of a game why does he then throw 1 away?

Not all tennis player do this but when you see this happen the tennis player is seeing which ones they want. Most tennis players take two balls before a serve take one to serve and keep the other one in his/her pocket in case he/she misses his first serve, then he has a extra ball to hit.

Who is the male player in tennis player in Ireland?

There are many male tennis players in Ireland, too many to mention in full. Some famous current ones are Conor Niland and Louk Sorensen. Louk's father, Sean Sorensen and Matt Doyle are famous ones from the recent past. There are mny, many others.

What are the most comfy shoes?

Mostly, Tennis shoes. And if it's not tennis shoes then, ones that cover your toes.

What joints are used in a tennis serve?

Almost all of your joints are used in tennis, but the main ones in a tennis serve are the knee joints, and elbow joints.

Will a new tennis ball bounce higher than an old tennis ball?

the older ones probally have some wear and tear so yes the new ones wil probally bouce highter than old ones

What is a place in San Diego that has tennis practice?

Have you tried the Y? I know the ones in North County generally have tennis courts.

What are the best type of tennis courts?

The green courts not the red ones

What does the number on a tennis ball mean?

As with golf, the numbers are used to distinguish your ball(s) from the identical-looking ones being used by other players near you.

How many world player of the year has real Madrid produced?

Ronaldo, Zidane, and figo are the ones.

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