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Ronaldo, Zidane, and figo are the ones.

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Q: How many world player of the year has real Madrid produced?
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How many time real Madrid take the champions league?

Madrid has won three champions league. Madrid is a soccer player.

How many world cups have Madrid won for soccer?

Real Madrid can not win a world cup as they are a club and not a country.

How many world cups has real Madrid been in?

Real Madrid are a club not a country.

What player makes a lot of impact in Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo is considered Real Madrids best player. He scores everyday, and has helped Madrid win many trophies! He is Madrid's icon!

How many times did Real Madrid won the champion in the worldcup?

Real Madrid do not participate in the World Cup.

How many goals has Raul scored for Real Madrid?

Raúl González Blanco, simply known as Raúl, has scored 312 goals for Real Madrid, to date, which is a record number of goals for Real Madrid by a single player.

How many times Seedoff won Champions League?

Clarence Seedorff is the only player in the world to win the champion league medal with three different clubs. That is Ajax, Real Madrid and A.C.Milan. he has won it five times twice with Milan and twice with Real Madrid.

Who is the player of the year in soccer?

This question can be answerd in many ways, as everyobdy has their own opinion! Officially Cristiano Ronaldo, of Real Madrid and Portugal, is the best player in the world currently, as he is the latest winner of the Ballon D'Or. However many people would argue that Lionel Messi, of Barcelona and Argentina, is the greatest player in the world, and maybe even the greatest player in history. Hope this helped!

How many US tanks were produced in World War 2?

over 100,000 were produced

How many miles is it from grananda to Madrid?

It is 260miles from Granada to Madrid.

How many UEFA football cups won by Real Madrid?

Real Madrid have won the most champion league cups in the world, they have nine, A.C.Milan have seven cups.

How many football teams in la liga in Madrid?

There are three clubs based at Madrid, Real Madrid, Atlhlico Madrid and Getafe.

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