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Barry Sanders

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Q: Who is the toughest running back to tackle in NFL all time history?
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Who was the strongest NFL running back to tackle in history ever?

1.Jim brown 2. Earl Campball 3. Jerome bettis

Who is Michael Turner?

Michel turner is the running back for the falcons who has most yards ater a tackle

Is tackle of running back who receives direct snap behind line of scrimmage a sack?


What are the postions in football?

Quarterback, Running Back, Full Back, Tight End, Center, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Wide Receiver, Linebacker (Outside and Middle), Corner Back, Safety (Strong and Free), Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, and Nose Tackle

In American football what is the job of a winger?

The winger is the person who runs with the running back down the line and tries to intercept tacklers before they tackle the running back who has the ball.

What is a sentence for safety's?

"The safety's attention was diverted from the play, causing him to miss his opportunity to tackle the running back."

What are the postions in offense in football?

running back wide receivers quarter backs tight ends right guard left guard right tackle left tackle

What are all the positions in football?

OFFENSE Quarterback, running back, wide reicever ,tight end , center, right guard, leftguard,left tackle tackle, fullback ,three back, DEFENCE: middle linebacker ,left linebacker, right linebacker, defencive tackle, nose tackle, defencive end, corner back,strong safety,free safety

Whats the difference between an offensive Guard and an Offensive Tackle in football?

I think an offensive tackle has to create holes for his running back, and the guard is more in a protecting way for his quarterback.

What are 4 offensive positions in football?

QuaterBack, Wide Reciever, Running Back, Blocker (Tackle,Guard,Center)

Who is the biggest running back in NFL history?

jerome bettis

Who was the fastest running back in cowboy history?

Herschel Walker

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