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1962 - Rod Laver 1969 - Rod Laver

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Q: Who is the the only player to have one the grand slam in tennis not once but twice?
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Did the Williams sisters win at tennis?

Yes, once or twice.

What is Marat Safin famous for?

Marat Satin is a Russian politician and a retired tennis player. He is famous for winning two Grand Slam titles and was once ranked number one as the best tennis player in the world.

How many bounces are allowed on the court before a point is won or lost in tennis?

Only one bounce is allowed during any point during a tennis match. The player is allowed to hit the ball in the air without it bouncing once but if the ball bounces twice then the point is over and the point is awarded to the player that hit the ball that bounced more than once.

Which tennis player was once married to actress Brooke Shields?

Andre Agassi

How long will it take to become a tennis player if you train once a week?

LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to train every day for a few hours for quite a while to become a tennis player! IF you wanna become a tennis player then i wish you good luck

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Can a player hit the ball twice in a row when playing volleyball?

no a player can only hit the ball once

Can the tennis ball only bounce once in tennis?

Yes, the tennis ball is only allowed to bounce once.

Why did tennis player get penalized for coaching?

Although the WTA allows players to call their coach once a set during a changeover, with the exception of the Grand Slams, tennis players are not allowed to be coached in the ATP tour or in other tournaments. The way the sport was made, tennis is, as Agassi put's it, closest to solitary confinement, so you cannot be coached out there.

What is a 'Grand Slam' in tennis?

Nickname for every Major tournament. The title 'Grand Slam' in tennis once meant winning all 4 major tennis tournaments in one calender year. The four majors are The Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and The US Open. This has now been changed to holding all 4 titles at once, regardless of the order of winning them.

Is it possible to reach base only once but get caught stealing twice?

No. Before a player can get caught stealing the player must first reach base. So if a player reaches base once, a player can be caught stealing only once.

What is mason shoemaker?

the question is not what he is but who he is. He is a freking amazing tennis player and i could go on and on but once i get started there is no stopping me

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Who is Margaret court smith?

An Australian born and bred tennis player. She holds the record for most single grand-slams titles (24) and overall (62) and was once considered to be the best tennis player of all time. To commemorate her success and loyalty to tennis Australian constructed the Magaret Court Arena of the Australian open. Court Arena is currently the no.3 stadium of the Aussie Open behind only Rod Laver Arena and Vodafone.

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Is Alfredo Rivera a tennis player from Chile?

I do know Alfredo Rivera. He is a tennis pro now teaching in Houston Texas. It is my understanding that he once played in the Davis Cup for Chile

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