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The appropriately named player is Australian tennis legend Margaret Court.

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Q: Which appropriately named tennis player has won a record 62 Grand Slam titles singles doubles and mixed?
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What is Serena Williams winning record?

21 Grand Slams -- Singles: 9 Doubles: 12. 3 Olympic Gold -- Singles: 1 Doubles: 2.

Which former Northwestern mens tennis player holds the record for the most Big Ten individual titles singles and doubles in a career with 6?

Marty Riessen

What is Sania Mirza's win record?

Singles 190-95 Doubles 134-67

Which player holds the record for the most doubles in a World Series?


What player has the record for the most doubles in a single world series?

Pete Fox

What player has the record for most doubles in a world series game?

Pete Fox

Who has won most tennis grandslam championship titles?

depends on if you only mean singles play or singles/doubles in toto A female holds the record for both, considering the "open era" and excluding junior titles Singles titles -Margaret Court (24 titles) singles/doubles - Margaret Court (62 titles)

Is Jimmy Connors tennis player who lost a record 4 US Open Singles finals?


How many titles did margaret court win?

She won 62 Grand Slam events (24singles, 19doubles, 19 mixed doubles), which is a record for a male or female player. Her 24 Grand Slam singles titles and 19 in mixed doubles are also all-time records for both sexes.

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Who was the world's greatest tennis player?

For Males: What about the Rocket?? ... Rod Laver?? Even Federer regards him as "the greatest" of all. Then there is Roger Federer himself - with the record number of total Grand Slam singles titles to his name already?? Of course, though, he is nowhere near being the calibre of doubles player that Laver was. Another totally outstanding candidate is Pete Sampras. The greatest female player is, unquestionably, Margaret Court, with 63 Grand Slam titles to her name - both singles and doubles.

Who owns the major league baseball record for singles in a season?

In 2004, Ichiro Suzuki hit a record 225 singles.

Who was the best tennis player ever?

For males, the answer to this question depends upon a number of factors: If singles alone is to be considered, the most number of Grand Slam titles has been won by Roger Federer. However, Rod Laver is the only man in history to have won the true Calendar Grand Slam twice; further, the prime titles that he won when playing professional tennis have not been accounted for as part of the slam tally. Thus he also lost about six years of his best tennis to the ranks of professional tennis in a day when amateur and professional competitions were separated. On the other hand, if singles and doubles slam titles are treated equally, Roy Emerson has won the most titles of any man in history at 28 in total: he has also won the most doubles Grand Slam titles. Many in fact, consider him to be the greatest doubles player that ever lived. He also held the record for some time of the most singles titles held by a male player. For females, Margaret Court, at a total of 62 titles, undisputably leads the way as the greatest female player in history. She also became the first women's tennis player during the Open tennis era to win the Calendar Grand Slam in singles. She also won the Calendar Grand Slam in Mixed Doubles as well. At 24 singles grand slam singles titles and 38 doubles titles, she stands to claim the crown as both - the greatest ladies' singles player in history and the greatest doubles player. She is the only person to have won all 12 Grand Slam events at least twice - that is, all four major singles titles, all four same-sex doubles titles and all four mixed doubles titles. The International Tennis Hall of Fame states, "There has never been a tennis player to match (her)."

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Who won most tennis US Open?

Women's US Open Tennis Record Holders: 1968-currentWinner of most Singles titles: (6) Chris EvertWinner of most consecutive Singles titles: (4) Chris EvertWinner of most Doubles titles: (9) Martina NavratilovaWinner of most consecutive Doubles titles: (3) Virginia Ruano Pascual, Paola SuarezWinner of most Mixed Doubles titles: (3) Margaret Court, Billie Jean King, Martina NavratilovaWinner of most Championships (total: singles, doubles, mixed): (18) Margaret Court, (16) Martina NavratilovaMen's US Open Tennis Record Holders: 1968-currentWinner of most Singles titles: (5) Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger FedererWinner of most consecutive Singles titles: (5) Roger FedererWinner of most Doubles titles: (4) Bob Lutz, Stan Smith, John McEnroeWinner of most consecutive Doubles titles: (2) Todd Woodbridge, Mark WoodfordeWinner of most Mixed Doubles titles: (3) Todd Woodbridge, Bob BryanWinner of most Championships (total: singles, doubles, mixed): (8) John McEnroe

What New York Yankee holds the record for hitting the most singles of all time?

Derek Jeter holds the record for most singles all-time by a Yankee.

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In tennis who is the greatest doubles player in history?

Almost certainly, Roy Emerson - at least as far as the men are concerned: Emerson won 16 grand slam men's doubles titles - each of the majors at least 3 times, showing his all-around capacity to play on all surfaces. He also was in no less than 8 winning Davis Cup teams for Australia. In fact, even as singles grand slam titles go, he held the record at 12 titles for some decades before the record was finally broken by Pete Sampras. Further, Emerson is the only male player in history to win all grand slam events, both singles and doubles ... and he won each of those titles at least twice! In women's competition, the honour of the best of all-time would probably have to go to another Australian, Margaret [nee Smith] Court. Court not only holds the greatest singles record of all-time, but won 19 grand slam women's doubles titles and 21 grand slam Mixed-sex doubles titles [2 of the latter were shared due to inclement weather preventing finals play-offs]. Some mixed-competition titles were also not held at certain Grand Slam events during her career; she almost certainly would have won more doubles majors. As it stands, she is the only female player to win all 4 majors in all 3 possible competitions of singles, doubles and mixed doubles twice. Probably her only rival for the title of best female doubles player in history would be Martina Navratilova, who won 31 women's doubles majors and 10 mixed-sex doubles major titles. She also won every possible major - but not twice.

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