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Goalkeeper Kristof Van Hout is the world's tallest soccer player. The tallest outfield soccer player is Yang Changpeng.

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Q: Who is the tallest active soccer player?
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Who is the tallest soccer player and is still living now?

Tallest soccer player Kristof van Hout (6ft10)

Who is the tallest soccer player?

The tallest soccer player in the world is Mohamed Salman. He is 7 feet 9 inches tall.

How tall is the tallest professional soccer player?

Jan koller is the tallest player he is 6 ft 8

How tall is the tallest US soccer player?


Who is the tallest soccer player who is still playing soccer?

Answer:The tallest active soccer player in the world is a Goalkeeper from Standard Liege called Kristof van hout at 6ft 10. Although many come close he is the only 6ft 10 player I can find. Hope to be some help!6ft 10 is also the same as 2m 10cm

Who is the tallest soccer player in the world?

Kristof van Hout - 2.08m - (6ft10) is the tallest football player in the world

Who was the tallest soccer player?

Kristof van Hout 2.08m (6ft10)

Who is the most violent active soccer player?


Tallest professional soccer player ever?

i don't know who it is but he is Japanese and he is 6f10"

Who are the tallest soccer players in the Barclay's premier league?

The tallest player is eter crouch , who stands 6feet seven inches.

Who is the heaviest active soccer player in the world?

marcus hahnemann.

Who is the best active soccer player in the world?

Daniel odiase

Tallest soccer player in the wolrd?

it is van hout a keeper who plays for standard liege in belgium

Who is the oldest active soccer player in America?

No one would know that.

Can a player be offside in soccer if not in the play?

A player CAN NOT be called for an offside infringement if not "active in the play" however you can be "active in the play" without playing the ball. A player CAN be in an offside POSITION with out being "active in the play."

Who its the tallest soccer player in fifa 08?

Kristof van hout he is 6ft 10 at Standard leige.

Tallest player in major league soccer?

here in England its called football, and our tallest player must be a guy called peter crouch, who plays for Liverpool fc, at about 6 ft 8 ish

Who is the tallest footballplayer?

The NFL has a "tallest player" In May 2017 6-foot-10 Arkansas offensive tackle Dan Skipper signed with Dallas In Soccer also called Football outside the USA is Kristof von Hout who is officially recognized as the tallest professional soccer player in the world, measuring at a height 6-foot-10

Who is the tallest outfield soccer player in the world?

Probably Peter Crouch or someone like that! :) Happy to help! Quackersboutducks

Is carmelo anthoney the tallest basketball player active in 2011?

no he's puny compared to yao ming- yao isn't active-foot injury

Who is the longest active player in Italian soccer?

It was Paulo Maldini of Italy and A.C. Milan.

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Who is the tallest player currently on the New York Yankees?

The tallest player on the Yankees active roster is pitcher C.C Sabathia at 6' 7".On their 40-man roster it's pitcher Dellin Betances at 6' 8".

Whos's the tallest women basketball player?

Who is the tallest basketball player

Who is ruud gullit?

Ruud Gullit is a former soccer player and coach. Nowadays he is active as ambassador of