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my dad

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Q: Which football player came from jail and play football world cup?
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Which football player going jail before football worldcup?

Michael vick?

Who is the most expensive foot ball player in the world?

The most expensive American football player for a number of years was Michael Vick. When he went to serve jail time it left a nice space for more players. Right now the most expensive NFL player is Heins Ward. :)

When Nelson Mandela came out of jail what did he do?

mandela came out of the jail when south africa got independence from the white minorities.

What is going to happen to Michael Vick?

He is in jail for a really long time and he probably won't get out for a while so when he comes out of jail he won't be able to play football because he will be as old as heck. He was a very good football player, and he was convicted for illegaly fighting dogs. Poor babies. There will be a showing of it on Channel 44 animal planet.

What are the penalties for animal crulety?

If your a famous football player who plays for the Atlanta Falcons, then the answer is: way too many years in jail for something that should only have warranted a fine.

Ex football player Sammy smith how long is he in jail for?

Smith is no longer in prison. He served seven years after being convicted in 1996 on a cocaine possession and distribution charge.

Did the lead singer of escape the fate come out of jail?

Ronnie came out of jail in February 2009

Is reginald veljohnson in jail?

no he just old that the look on him look like he came out of 5 years of jail

Does OJ Simpson still play football?

No, he is in jail, presently.

What is the climax of the bread winner?

when father came out from jail

Why did solja boy get in jail?

he got in jail because he was recording a music video and seem a little voilent so when the cops came he ran and later came back for is hummer and he got arestted

Why did Eminem go o jail?

Yes he did go to jail because he took drugs like his wife because whaen he came out of jail he made another album

Why did Gandhi go to jail in 1922?

Gandhi went to jail many times, and the last that he went to jail was because of his people and the reason was that why he came to visit the other village of indian

Who came to the colony of Georgia?

people who were in jail for being poor

When did Mzwakhe Mbuli came out of jail?


Where is the world's smallest jail?

The worlds smalles jail, is in Rhode Island.

When did Mandela get life long jail?

Nelson was sentenced to life in prison in 1962 but got out of jail in 1990 as rights for coloured people came about.

Why was the Nazi party more popular when Hitler came out of jail?


How long is Ronnie radke in jail?

He came out the 12th December 2010 :)

When will lil Wayne be released?

he is out Now He Came Out Of Jail November 4

How long was Ronnie radke in jail?

He came out December 12 2010

Who are some nfl football players that went to jail?

Phlaxico Because he shot himself

Why did Sir Walter Raleigh go to jail?

Because when he came back to England he was sent to jail for treason, he is my explorer for school cool huh,bye

Is wesley snipes out of jail?

No he is still in jail... the world is waiting for him. Stacy

Does anyone know this 3D virtual world where you start in jail?

Yes i do! you do not start in jail.