Who is the table tennis champion for year 2001?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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The World Champion of 2001 was Wang Liqin of China.

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Q: Who is the table tennis champion for year 2001?
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Who is the table tennis champion in year 2007?

The World Champion in 2007 was Wang Liqin of China.

What sport had a 100 year old Australian world champion in 2010?

Dorothy (Dot) De Low, is a World Veteran Table Tennis Champion. She competed in the 2010 World Veteran Table Tennis Championships in China at the age of 100.

When did table tennis go to 11?

year 2000

What year was table tennis first held in the commonwealth games?

The first Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships were in Singapore in 1971, but the first time that table tennis was included in the Commonwealth Games was in 2002 in Manchester, England.

What are the playing seasons for table tennis?

Professional table tennis is a year round sport, but in the northern hemisphere it is generally from September through May.

What year Zhang Jike first play in the Olympics?

2012 Games in London ... he won gold medals in men's singles table tennis and men's team table tennis.

Who was the first champion of US Open Era tennis?

I believe it was ('Ace') Arthur Ashe in 1968, which year began the 'Open Era'.

World Number one male tennis player of 2011?

Novak Djokovic is the number one male player in the world. 49-1 this year!

What year was Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis released?

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis was released in May 2006. This is a realistic simulation game that required two players. The game also feature a drop shot.

What championships are held for professional ping pong?

The World Table Tennis Championships have been held yearly in some form or another since 1926. Currently they rotate singles and team championships every other year. The European Table Tennis Championships are held every two years. The Official Association of Professional Table Tennis Athletes of North America run table tennis tournament clubs in every state in the USA, and hold yearly tournaments in San Francisco. The North American Table Tennis website keeps an up-to-date catalog of local and state tournaments. There are also table tennis competitions at the Summer Olympics.

Who won the 35th table tennis world championship?

It was in 1926 that the modern game of Table Tennis began and the inaugural World Championship took place that year in London, England. Hungarian Roland Jacobi took the men's singles title in that first year, beating another Hungarian (Zoltan Mechlovits) in the final as European players dominated the championship:-)

How many golds did the Chinese table tennis team win in 2008?

"Among the four Olympic events, the Chinese table tennis team give specific regards to the team events, since they go first and will have positive or negative impact with good or bad results," said Huang. It's the first time that table tennis introduces team events in the Olympic history, and China have fielded an unprecedented squad including both the men's and women's world 1-2 in the rankings. Wang Hao, who claimed the first ever world champion in his career last year in the men's World Cup, leads the men's team also including three-time world champion Wang Liqin and quartet World Cup holder Ma Lin, the current second-ranked man in the world. In the women's part, defending champion and world No. 1 Zhang Yining will cooperate with teenage reigning world champion Guo Yue and veteran Wang Nan with 18 world titles in hands.