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I believe it was ('Ace') Arthur Ashe in 1968, which year began the 'Open Era'.

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Q: Who was the first champion of US Open Era tennis?
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Who was the first champion in tennis?

The very first tennis champion may never be known, as the game's roots and history have made such information lost to time. Arguably, the first professional tennis champion prior to the advent of the Open Era of tennis is Spencer Gore, 1877, at Wimbledon.

The most successful woman in the US Open tennis singles in the open era played her first US Open at what age?

19 : )

Who has the most grandslams in tennis?

Steffi Graf (Open Era)

What is the Open era in tennis?

Before the advent of the open era of tennis competitions in April 1968, only amateurs were allowed to compete in established tournaments, including the four Grand Slams.

When was tennis established?

Tennis was first played in the era of Henry VIII, 1500s. As indoor tennis.

Whitch female player won the most major tennis championship?

Margreet Court: Before Open Era Steffi Graf: Open Era

Who was the last Englishman to win at the Wimbledon open tennis championships?

In Wimbledon "the open era", no englishman has won the title.

Who is attitude era's champion WWE 2012?

there is no attitude era' champion

Who has been Australia's most sucsuful tennis champ?

Rod Laver is a former Australian tennis champion. He has won most single titles in history (200). He has also won 11 grand slam tournaments and has won all four majors in a single year twice. In 1969 he became the one and only player to achieve this feat in open era. He is by far the most accomplished Aussie tennis champion.

Who is the Male tennis player with most wins in the open era?

Roger Federer with 15 Grand Slams

What is the first name of tennis player Tanner of the 1970 and 1980's era?


Who was the first African-American to win Wimbledon?

Pre-Open Era: Althea Gibson Open Era: Arthur Ashe

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