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Currently the shortest player in the NBA is Earl Boykins who is 5'5, he is on the Milwaukee Bucks. The shortest players ever was Tyrone 'Muggsy' Bogues, he is 5'3.

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Q: Who is the shortest player?
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Shortest player in the NHL?

shortest player in the nhl is Nathan gerbe 5'5

Who is the shortest white NFL player?

Jack Shapiro at 5 ft 1/2 inch is the shortest white player ( and shortest player) in NFL history

Who is the shortest mls player?

Currently, Joao Plata (Forward - Real Salt Lake) is the shortest player in the MLS. He is officially listed as 5'2". He is the shortest player in MLS history, and the shortest of any player in the USA's five "major sports".

Shortest active NBA player?

The shortest active NBA player is Earl Boykins at 5'5.

Shortest player in the major leagues?

antione mkylos is the record shortest player in the history of MLB

Who is the shortest ever basketball player?

In the nba the shortest player ever is mugssy bogues (5'3)

Who are the NBA's shortest players?

The shortest player in the NBA is Earyle Boykins and the second shortest is Nate Robinson. Now retire is Mugsey Bogus was the shortest NBA Player. He was 5'3".

Who is the shortest player in the NBA?

Shortest player in the NBA was Tyrone Bogues 5'3"

Shortest NBA player ever?

The shortest NBA player ever isTyrone "Muggsy" Bogues - 5'3"

Shortest player NHL?

The shortest player ever to be in the NHL would be Roy "shrimp" Worters at 5'3".

Who is the shortest basketball player?

The shortest current basketball player is Earl Boykins. He is 5'5 and plays for the Houston Rockets.

Shortest WNBA player?

The shortest wnba player is Anna Georgia Mierda at 3 foot 7 inches

Shortest player in NHL?

the shortest player is brian gianta i think i spelled his name wrong he plays for the devels

Who is the shortest basketball player in the NBA 2008?

No, the shortest player is Earl Boykins of the Charlote Bobcats at a height of 5'5".

Who was the shortest Pro basketball Player?

Tyronne "Mugsy" Bogues was the shortest basketball player ever as approximately 5'3".

Who is the shortest player ever play in the NBA?

At 5'3", Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever to play in the NBA.

Who is the shortest player on the maple leafs?

John Michael Liles is the shortest player on the Leafs. He stands at 5"10.

Whos the shortest soccer player?


Who is the shortest baseball player?

Muggsy Bogues, standing at 5 foot 3, was the shortest player to ever play in the NBA

The shortest NBA player?

Tyrone Curtis "Mugsey" Bogues, is the shortest NBA player on record.He is 5' 3" tall.

Who is the shortest player on the Pittsburgh Steelers team?

Currently, running back Chad Spann is the shortest Steelers player at 5' 8".

Who is the shortest tennis player?

1) The shortest active male tennis player is Belgian David Goffin at 5'4". 2) The shortest female was South African Amanda Coetzer at 5'2".

Shortest MLB player?

He is 3' 7"

Shortest player in NBA?

Earl Boykins

Shortest PBA player?

ricardo cepeda