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Q: Who is the poorest team in the Mexican Soccer League?
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Which is the good team in Mexican soccer league?


What team is number one in Mexican soccer league?

Cruz Azul

Who is the most popular team in the league of Mexico?

Guadalajara a.k.a chivas. This is the most popular team in the Mexican league of soccer.

Who is the Super team of Mexican soccer league?

Its not Chivas i would say Pumas UNAM they are a very good soccer team.

What is the name of the Mexican football team?

Mexican national soccer team name

Is the Mexican soccer team better than the us soccer team?


What is the Major league soccer team in Illinois?

there is no soccer team in Illinois

What is a Bolivian soccer team?

A soccer team from Bolivia. This can include a league team or a national team.

What league is the Georgetown Soccer Team in?


Do Americans have to be Mexican to play in a professional Mexican soccer league?

No...they still hold their US citizenship and count as an international spot on the roster. They are eligible to play for the Mexican national team if they gain citizenship .

Who is on the Mexican soccer team for the Olympics?

Mis huevos

What Mexican soccer team has the most fans?


Who is the best Mexican soccer team?

the tri color

What is the name of the soccer team in Sweden?

There are thousands of Soccer teams in Sweden.. The Swedish soccer league is call Allsvenskan. The top team in this league is Mälmo ff, they are also playing in champions league.

Does Pittsburgh have a soccer team?

The MLS (Major League Soccer) team of Pittsburgh is the Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

What soccer league has the team Vitoria?


Who is the most popular soccer team in the soccer league in Spain?


How do you enter a soccer team in major league soccer?

You have to get recruited if your a great soccer player

What are the team colors of the Mexican soccer team?

The team colours of the mexican football team are based on the Mexican flag. These are White, Red and Green, although Green usually dominates the jerseys.

What team is David Beckham on?

League : Major League Soccer - USA Team : LA Galaxy

What league is the soccer team Celtic fc in?

Scottish Premier League

What Mexican soccer team has only Mexican members?

chivas its also the second oldest club

What is a primer soccer team?

a team that plays in England's Premier League

Most tense soccer tournament in Mexican soccer?

The most tense soccer tournament in Mexican soccer was the Apertura 2008 because it had changes and twists were at the end the best team won TOLUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How many times has US soccer team played the Mexican soccer team?

They have played each other about 50-60 times :) :) :)