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Mexican national soccer team name

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Q: What is the name of the Mexican football team?
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Who is the coach for the Mexican football team?

Javier Aguirre

Who is the manager of Mexico's football team?

Mexican Football Federation (FEMEXFUT) from wikipedia

What are the team colors of the Mexican soccer team?

The team colours of the mexican football team are based on the Mexican flag. These are White, Red and Green, although Green usually dominates the jerseys.

Manager of Mexican National football team?

Javier Aguirre

How many players are on the field on a football team in Mexico?

I was watching Mexican football, and the winning team had 12 players on the field.

What is the name of Yale's football team?

The name of Yale's football team is Yale Bulldogs.

What is the name for the football team that plays in Ohio?

The name for the Ohio football team is the Ohio Buckeyes.

What is the name of the Mexican rugby team?


The name of the French Football Team?

the colors of the french football team is blue

Can you tell me the football team name?

My favorite football team is the Arizona Cardinals

What is the name of the Mississippi's NFL football team?

the name of the Mississippi NFL football team is Ole Miss

What is the Pittsburgh football team name.?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's NFL football team name is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What is the Name of the South African football team?

The answer is mentioned in the question. Name is South African Football Team.

Who has the most caps for the Mexican national football team?

The most-capped player for the Mexican national football team is Claudio Suárez, who made 177 appearances for the national side, scoring 6 goals.

Which football team does Sven goran Erickson manage?

Sven Goran Erickson manages the national Mexican team.

What football team has 11 letters in their name?

what team has 11 letters in their name

What was Southern Mississippi's football team name when Brett Favre attended it?

The name of USM's football team is the "Golden Eagles."

What is the name ofaustralias football team name?


Who is the captain of Swiss football team?

Alexander Frei is the name of the captain of Swiss Football team.

What is the team name for Stanford university football team?


What is the name given to a group of players?

Team, as in football team.

What is the name of the Harvard's football team?

The name of the Harvard football teams is the Harvard Crimson.

Should Delmar football team be capitalized?

No, unless "football team" is actually the name of the team. Delmar is capitalized, Delmar Wildcats is capitalized, Delmar football team is not.

Who is the captain of the Mexican football team?

I believe it is Rafael Marquez?He is called Rafael Marquez! :D

What is the name of football team is the best?