Who is the player who get the most money in soccer?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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messi and c.ronaldo and ozil

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Q: Who is the player who get the most money in soccer?
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What soccer player make most money?

lionel messi

How much money is a soccer player paid?

Far to much, most are overpaid primadonnas!!

Who is the professional soccer player makes the most money?

David Beckham

Which soccer player has the most money and popularity?

It is close between David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo.

What would an avid soccer player be most likely to do?

An avid soccer player would be most likely to play soccer.

Who earns more money a doctor or a soccer player?

Depends on WHICH doctor and WHICH soccer player. No one answer- sorry.

What is the most paid soccer player?

Mia Hamm is the most payed soccer player in the world.

Who is the most popular soccer player in Asia?

the most popular soccer player in Asia is Baichung Bhutia

What gets the most money basketball football or soccer?


Which soccer player has had the most money been spent on?

Real Madrid bought Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester united for a record breaking £80million. Cristanio Ronaldo. His the worlds most expensive soccer player. THE WORLDS I TELL YOU!

Who gets more money a male soccer player or a female soccer player?

The likely answer is that male soccer players will make more money. This is because male soccer has a larger audience, and therefore gets more attention from corporate sponsorships.

Who makes more money a nascar racer or a soccer player?

A NASCAR driver makes more money than a soccer player. NASCAR drivers also make a lot of money from sponsors.