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The likely answer is that male soccer players will make more money. This is because male soccer has a larger audience, and therefore gets more attention from corporate sponsorships.

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Q: Who gets more money a male soccer player or a female soccer player?
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How much money a soccer player gets a day?

A regular to average soccer player gets an average of 30,000 American dollars a day.

Who gets paid more a soccer player or a soccer agent?

Soccer Player mate

Who gets more money between an NFL football player or a Europe soccer player?

i think nfl football players

How much money does soccer player Samuel Eto'o make?

He gets £9.16 million a year at Inter.

What gets the most money basketball football or soccer?


Who gets paid more a football player or a soccer player?

A soccer player because Christiano Ronaldo gets £200,000 a week.

Who gets paid more a rugby union player or a soccer player?

soccer players

Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

What sport gets paid the more soccer player or baseball player?

Soccer Players Big time.

Does Lionel Messi get the most money for playing soccer and if not who is it?

he gets the most money

Explain what a professional soccer player is?

A professional soccer player is a deticated athlete that gets paid to play on a team.

How much a soccer player gets paid?

to much