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Currently it is DALE EARNHARDT JR!

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Rick Hendrick

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Q: Who is the owner of NASCAR number 24?
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Who drives car number 24 in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon drives the number 24 car in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

When did John Holman - NASCAR owner - die?

John Holman - NASCAR owner - died in 1975.

When was John Holman - NASCAR owner - born?

John Holman - NASCAR owner - was born in 1918.

When was Bud Moore - NASCAR owner - born?

Bud Moore - NASCAR owner - was born in 1925.

Who has to attend NASCAR owner meetings?

The owner of the race team.

How many cars can a NASCAR owner have?

In Nascar, an owner is allowed to have a maximum of four cars (teams).

Does Jeff Gordon own any part of the number 24 car?

Yes. Jeff Gordon has driven the #24 car for Hendrick Motorsports for his entire career.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever drive a car with the number 24 on it?

Dale Sr. never drove a #24 car in Nascar competition.

Which nascar driver gave owner rick hendrick his 200th win this year?

The Nascar Driver That Gave His Owner His 200th Win Was Jimmie Johnson At Darlington.

Who gets the Nascar sponsor the driver or the car's owner?

the owner but the driver is who endorses that company

How can you put a logo on a NASCAR racecar in 2009?

You probably have to contact NASCAR and the owner of whatever team you want to sponser.

Do Nascar drivers have to pay their own fines or does the owner or sponsors pay?

When a fine is given out, it is directly to the driver or owner. And by NASCAR rules whoever the fine is to must pay the fine.