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Q: Who is the only player who is allowed the pick the ball on the field of play?
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Can the x-pt holder have his knee on the ground if he runs a fake?

Yes. For field goals and extra points in ncaa and lower, this is the only time a player can have possession of the ball with a knee touching the ground and be allowed to run/throw the ball.

Why is there only allowed 9 players on a softball filed?

Because it is supposed to be challenging for the players to field the ball and the batter to get on base.

How sport benefits social skills?

soccer. it helps the kids with social skills and works the body. It will also help with hand eye coordination. If you are goaly. There are 4 positions on the field... Forward, Mid-Field, Defence, and Goaly. Forward- Takes the ball up the field and scores. Mid-Field- Assistist with moving the ball up and scores. Defence- keeps the ball up the field and helps the goal defend the goal. Goaly- this is the most important player on the team. He is the ONLY one allowed to touch the ball with his/her hands. he/she keeps the ball from going into the net.

How many times is the ball allowed to bounce in wheelchair tennis?

Only one bounce is allowed during any point during a tennis match. The player is allowed to hit the ball in the air without it bouncing once but if the ball bounces twice then the point is over and the point is awarded to the player that hit the ball that bounced more than once.

Hand ball in football?

Hand ball is a foul called to a player who accidentally or intentionally touch the ball from the hands to the biceps of a football player. If the hand ball is intentional, the referee may give a card to the player who did it (yellow or red card). The only player that is allowed to touch the ball with any part of his body is the goal keeper.

Who is the only player allowed to move anywhere in floor hockey?

The player with goalkeeping priveleges, normally referred to as the goalkeeper.

What are the Asa rules regarding coaches on the softball field?

Only two base coaches are allowed on the field during play and they are restricted to the coaches boxes that are usually chocked on to the ground. The coaches from the defensive team must stay off the field. A coach can only pass the foul line if he has been granted permission by an umpire by calling time out. If a player in injured the coach must wait for the umpire to call dead ball before he can help the injured player.

Can the tennis ball only bounce once in tennis?

Yes, the tennis ball is only allowed to bounce once.

What is the responsibility of a defense player in field hockey?

Defence players do everything they can to keep the ball out of the circle and away from the goal.And the Goalie (a very important player ;D ) does everything in their power to keep the ball out of the goal and also tells players where they should be because they are the only person who can see the whole entire field.

What is the goalkeeper allowed to do?

Handle the ball in the goal area only

Is a boob a ball?

yes but your only allowed to play with it if you have permission

Can a defensive player hit an air-born ball that crossed into the end zone back into the field of play by being air-born too?

Yes only if he launched from within the field of play.