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Q: How many times is the ball allowed to bounce in wheelchair tennis?
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How many times may the ball bounce in your court of tennis?

1 bounce

How many times can a tennis ball bounce before it being a fault?

It can bounce once, after the second bounce its a fault.

How many times can a tennis server bounce the ball?

as many times as u want but atleast three or four times

How many times is a volly allowed to bouns?

In traditional volleyball, the ball is not allowed to bounce. However, in a new variation called Wook ball, one bounce per possession is allowed. Further, if a pass is dropped it is considered a bounce, and is still in play if that is the first bounce of the possession.

What is important about a tennis ball for a tennis player?

The tennis ball needs to have a very good bounce so that the player can hit it most times it comes to them it also needs to be firm

How many times does a tennis ball bounce before it stops bouncing from different heights?

It bounces 134 times before it stops.

How many times will a tennis ball bounce?

It depends what height you drop the ball and what surface the ball is being dropped on.

How high should a tennis ball covered in Rootbeer bounce?

Historically, when the ball get's wet with any liquid, it will drop and dribble 2 or 3 times and then stay on the ground. The highest it will probably bounce is about half a foot.

Why does a tennis balls lose their bounce?

When a tennis ball hits the ground, it gives off some of its kinetic energy (energy when moving) in the form of sound and friction. So, each times a tennis ball bounces, it loses energy. Also, air resistance slows it down when air-borne. Air resistance is the "friction" of the air and the object moving in the air. When a tennis ball gets wet our is left outside in the weather to long it becomes stiff and is not in its best condition to bounce very well.

How many times will a basketball bounce if dropped from 20 feet?

If properly inflated, it will bounce 8 times. Each bounce rebounds about 70%, so 14 feet on the first bounce, then about 10 on the second, etc. until the ball is bigger than the bounce.

How many times can a ball bounce after leaving the bowlers hand?

as many times as he wants! But legally, it can bounce up to TWO times before it is a no-ball

How high does a tennis ball bounce from 100 cm on concrete?

I have done this experiment and my results were 7 times. I did the experiment 3 times just to be sure. Things could change the outcome of the amount of times the ball bounced such as wind, weight, warmth etc...

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