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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was, for UCLA.

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2008-11-30 23:34:32
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Q: Who is the only player to win the NCAA basketball most valuable player award three times?
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Who is the only three time winner of the super Bowl most valuable player award?

Joe Montana

How many Most Valuable Player awards did Joe DiMaggio win?

Joe DiMaggio was the A.L. Most Valuable Player three times during his career. He won the award in 1939, 1941 and 1947.

What are some highlights of Michael Jordan's basketball career?

Some of the highlight of the former Chicago Bulls basketball player Michael Jordan are that he was voted most valuable player five times, and led his team to two three World Championships.

What three left handers have won the NBA Most Valuable Player award since the 1970s?

Willis Reed in 1970, Dave Cowens in 1973, David Robinson in 1995.

What awards did Mickey Mantle win?

Mickey Mantle was the ML Player of the year in 1956, named the most valuable player in the American League three times, including 1956 when he won the Triple crown, and the 1965 ML Hutch Award.

What did the basketball player ask from the genie?

Will you grant me three swishes?

What player has won the Super Bowl MVP award the most times?

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots won a record four Super Bowl Most Valuable Player awards. Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers had three.

Who is the most valuable player for the 2009 World Series?

The award went to Yankees designated hitter Hideki Matsui, who batted .615 (eight hits in 13 at bats) with three home runs and eight runs batted in.

What did Jordan Price achieve in his career?

Jordan Price achieved recognition for being a fine basketball player as an Auburn Tiger in Alabama. He was the Most Valuable player on his eighth grade team and has a strong record of hitting baskets worth three points from the floor.

Who is the only player in NBA history to win the Finals MVP award with three different teams?

Shaquille O'Neal

What's a field goal in basketball?

A field goal in Basketball is also called a three pointer. A three pointer is when a player shoots the ball outside the three point line and makes it.

How does a basketball player get a 3 pointer?

he shoots a basket from three yards away making it a three pointer

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