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Mahela jaywardhane

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Q: Who is the only player to have scored centuries for 2 franchise in Ipl?
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Who is the only batsman to have scored three triple centuries in Test Cricket?

No batsmen has scored three triple centuries.. Virender sehwag has scored two tripple centuries so far..

Who has scored 100 international centuries in cricket history?

Sachin Tendulkar is the only person to have scored 100 international centuries

Who scored 100 centuries in the international circket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 centuries in the international cricket.He is the one and only.

Who scored 100 centuries in internatinal cricket?

Only Sachin Tendulkar (from India) scored 100 centuries in International Cricket (Test + ODI). He scored 51 centuries in Test Cricket and 49 centuries in ODIs. This is a world record.

Who is the only Indian to have scored centuries in both the innings of a test match?

sourav ganguly

How many centuries has Sachin Tendulkar scored?

Sachin Tendulkar is the only batsman in the world cricket to score 'century of the centuries' (49 in ODI+5I in Test=100).

How do you create a player in franchise mode for madden 2010?

You cannot . you can only create a player i exhibition mode .

How many batsman have scored centuries in world cup 2011?

So far only two Indians have done it in 2011.

Who is the only Indian batsman to have scored 3 consecutive centuries in first 3 matches of his international test career?


Who is the only player to have scored in every season of the premiership?

Ryan Giggs

If a player has the franchise tag put on him then traded does the team that gets his service have to respect the frachise tag?

If a player is traded, the franchise tag is basically null. The franchise tag applies only to free agency. However, if a team went through the effort and expense of putting the franchise tag on a player (paying that player the average of the top 5 salaries at the player's position), the possibility of them trading that player is highly unlikely.

Who was the only Clippers player in franchise history to win a rebounding title?

Michael cage

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