Who is the oldest living soccer player?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Pele the brazillian legend

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Q: Who is the oldest living soccer player?
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Who was the oldest soccer player ever?


Who is the oldest soccer player in las chivas?

The oldest player is Salvador rayes, he was 71 years old.

Who is the oldest active soccer player in America?

No one would know that.

Who is the oldest player ICC?

Oldest living Player: Norman Gordon SA (101 as at aug 2013) Oldest Active Player: Sachin Tendulkar IND

Who is the oldest living Celtic Player?

Larry bird

Who is a professional soccer player?

A professional soccer player is someone who is payed a wage to pley the sport. Effectively someone who plays soccer for a living.

Who is the tallest soccer player and is still living now?

Tallest soccer player Kristof van Hout (6ft10)

Who is Ireland's greatest living soccer player?

Roy Keane

Who is the oldest living Yankee?

Virgil Trucks played on many teams besides the Yankess, but he is technically the oldest living player to have played on the team. Ralph Houk is the oldest player to have played only for the Yankees.

Who is the oldest starter in professional soccer?

roger milla of cameroon player for the national team at the age of 42 against russia. he scored a goal against them making him the oldest player to score a goal in the world cup.

Who is the oldest living golf player from the 1934 master's golf tounnament?

Errie Ball

What is the oldest Soccer Club in Russia?

The oldest soccer club in Russia is FC Znamya Truda from Orekhovo-Zuevo. It was found in 1909.