Who is the tallest soccer player and is still living now?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Tallest soccer player Kristof van Hout (6ft10)

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Q: Who is the tallest soccer player and is still living now?
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Who is a famous man in Bolivia who is still alive?

Alvaro Pena is a famous Bolivian man who is still alive and living in Bolivia. He is a former soccer player and he currently manages several soccer teams.

Who is the tallest women still living?

the tallest women still living is Yoa Defen she is 7'9 feet tall hope that helps the rest of you jjhs school kids -chrissy-

How long does an average soccer player live?

Hey, it's me DesTin3Y, I played soccer for four years. For my school Ouachit Parish High. I think an average soccer player caN live up to about 70-75 years. Depending on the player we are fit and kept in shape. Which is very good in years to come with life challenges. All of the women and men U.S. Players are still living today. At least that I know of all the great ones that is. Mia Hamm is still living it up healthy and still in shape. I'm still in shape. An average soccer player runs 7-9 miles in every game.

Is Pele is alive?

Yes he is still alive and living very well

Is Lionel Messi the next icon of soccer?

Messi is a great soccer player , and he might infact become the best but he still needs a lot of time to become great soccer player such as Ronaldo Luis or Ronaldinho.

Who is the best soccer player who is still playing?

Christiano Ranaldo (This is what people say)

Was niall James horan a soccer player?

Yes and he still likes to play

Is soccer player Alfredo di Stefano still alive?

yes of course he is my uncle.

Did Kanu retire from being a soccer player?

Kanu still plays for his club Portsmouth.

Is the tallest man in the world still living?

No, the tallest man in the world, Sultan Kรถsen, is still alive.

Famous christian soccer player who is still alive?

Kaka is a famous Brazilian christian soccer player who as of 2010 is still part of the Brazilian world cup team and also plays for Real Madrid. He is a devout evangelical christian and talks about his faith a lot.

The best soccer player who still wears the number seven is Alexis Sanchez?

cristiano ronaldo