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In the NFL, as of the 2008 season the record for most sacks in a season by a team is 72 by the 1984 Chicago Bears.

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John Elway of the Denver Broncos, at 516 times.

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Q: Who is the most sacked quarterback of all time?
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Who was the quarterback who Richard Dent sacked to become the Bears' all time sack leader?

joe Montana

Who is the most hated quarterback of all time?

Brett Favre

What quarterback has been sacked the most in the last five seasons?

Quarterback sacks are commonplace in the NFL even with all of the extra rules in place to protect the quarterback. The title of most sacked quarterback has gone to a variety of men. In 2009 it was Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. In 2010 it was Jay Cutler from the Chicago Bears. 2011 saw Aaron Rodgers once again hit the ground the most. He was followed by John Elway of the Denver Broncos in 2012. Finally in the 2013 season Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins was the most sacked.

Who sacked Brett Favre the most?

John Randle 11.5 The greatest Defensive Tackle of all time (After Alan Page)

What are the reasons that coaches get sacked?

There tema looses all the time roflmao

Who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time?

The two most commonly named are John Unitas and Joe Montana.

Most efficient quarterback?

Using quarterback rating, through the 2007 season that would be Steve Young who had a career quarterback rating of 96.8. Peyton Manning is second all time at 94.7 and Kurt Warner third at 93.2.

What is Troy Aikman most known for?

RoboQB or Robo Quarterback due to his efficiency.

Who has the highest quarterback rating of all time?

Archie Manning

Who is the worst quarterback of all time?

jamarcuss russel by far

Who was the Hawkeye's all time leading quarterback?

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Roger Staubach