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Fernando Torres

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2009-07-07 22:30:46
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Q: Who is the most expensive football player from Liverpool ever?
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Who is the most expensive football player from wigan ever?

nery castillo

Did messi ever play for Liverpool?

Lionel Messi has never played for Liverpool football club in his football career.

Which is the better football team out of Liverpool and Manchester united?

Liverpool are the best football team ever so don't Dis LIVERPOOL THROUGH AND THROUGH

How much would Jacob froggatt cost?

75.000.000 IS HOW MUCH HE IS WORTH one cracking football player he is and his wages should be super expensive his football he has played for is killimarsh Dynamoes, Kiveton park, Sheffield utd, Liverpool , Sheffield utd he also plays for England as well he is the youngest football player ever for the blades

Can Liverpool be called rubbish?

No they are the best football club ever!!!

Who is the best player that ever played for Liverpool?

steven Gerrard is undoubtably the best player in Liverpool history

What is the best football club of the world?

liverpool are the best team ever

Who played the first ever football match?

Liverpool vs. Institute

Who is rushden and diamonds football clubs most expensive ever signing?

Gary Butterworth is Rushden and Diamonds most expensive player from dag and redbrigde.

Who was the first captain in Liverpool football club history?

Alex Raisbeck was the first ever captain of Liverpool F.C.

Which is the worst football team ever?

liverpool is the worst team ever!!

Is Liverpool the best football team ever?

Liverpool is the best team ever! I am telling you the truth! Do you want to know who is the worst team is...Manchester United!!

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