Which position in the NFL football get pays the most?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Which position in the NFL football get pays the most?
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What is position pays the lowset in the nfl?

90% of the time its the punter.

Who pays for pro bowl travel expenses for players and coaches?

National football league ( A.K.A NFL)

What position did Michael Strahan play in NFL football?

Left tackle

Which NFL position pays the second most?

Most footballers usually play as defenders and midfielders. Most of the midfielders can play as defenders and vice versa. There are however very strikers.

When was the football player Ryan Clark born?

Ryan Clark was born on October 13, 1979 in Marrero, Louisiana. He is most known for playing professional football in the NFL, with his position being safety.

Salary of an nfl football player?

depending on skill and position: 320k$ to over 5m$

What position is the Y receiver in NFL Football?

he is usually the tight end but it depends on the team

Most Successful NFL Football Video Game Series?

Maddan NFL

Heaviest position on football team?

The heaviest players on an NFL team almost all play on the offensive and defensive lines. For most teams it is a defensive tackle.

What is the most talented position in the nfl?


What does the initials NFL stand for?

The NFL initials stand for: National Football League. Most people call it (The) National Football League

What is the most players you can have on a NFL football team?