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The most famous lady footballer is the American footballer Mia Haam.

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Q: Who is the most famous girl footballer?
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What is the famous France footballer?

Zinedine Zidane is one of the most famous.

Who is Andorra's most famous footballer?

mia haan

Most famous footballer of all time?


Who are the most famous footballer in Canada?

Paul Peschisolido

A famous footballer from Argentina?

There are several famous footballers from Argentina. One of the most famous footballer players is Abel Balbo. Another famous player is Adrian Caceres.

Who is the most famous soccer player from Chile?

Ivan Zamara is is most famous footballer from Chile. the Chilean footballer who played for Seville, Real Madrid and InterMilan

Who is the most famous football-soccer player of all time?

The Brazilian footballer Pele is the most famous footballer. He is the only player to win three world cups.

Who is the most famous women's soccer player from Ohio?

The most famous lady footballer from Ohio is Mia Haam.

Who is the most famous footballer?

There have been several famous footballers, after all it is a personal opinion , my choice is Pele.

Who is considered the most famous Brazilian footballer of all times?

Pele obviously

Who is the most famous video girl?

The most famous video girl is 'Superhead' aka Karrine Steffans.

Who is the most famous girl in the world?

The girl from Ipanema.

What is Fernando Torres famous for?

He is a footballer

A famous Indian footballer?


Is Andrew Milne A famous footballer?


Why is Jim famous?

for being a footballer

Who is the most famous girl?

I do hate to say it but above all Miley Cyrus has become the most popular/famous girl.

What is David Beckham famous for?

He's famous for being a footballer.

Why is Rooney famous?

Wayne Rooney is famous because he is a footballer.

Can a girl become a footballer?


What girl is the most famous girl on the planet?

Lady GaGa

Who is the most famous Brazilian?

Almost certainly the footballer Pele, but possibly Ayrton Senna the F1 driver

Most famous footballer in the UK?

I say in Modern times Wayne Rooney but overall it will be George Best

Who gets paided more footballer or cricketer?

Footballer because the sport is more famous.

Which is World Famous footballer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of a world famous footballer. He plays for Real Madrid and wears number 7.