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Q: Most famous footballer of all time?
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Who is the most famous football-soccer player of all time?

The Brazilian footballer Pele is the most famous footballer. He is the only player to win three world cups.

Who is considered the most famous Brazilian footballer of all times?

Pele obviously

Who is the most famous footballer?

There have been several famous footballers, after all it is a personal opinion , my choice is Pele.

Who is the most famouse soccer player?

The most famous footballer of all-time is Pele, who won a record three FIFA World Cups in 1958, 1962 and 1970.

Most expensive African footballer of all time?

Michael Essien

Who is currently the best footballer in the world?

The best footballer currently in the world is Lionel Messi, he is one of the youngest and most fantastic footballer of all time.

Who is the most capped Brazil player of all time?

The most capped Brazilian footballer is Cafu.

Who do you think is the most famous YouTuber of all time?

Mr. Potato Head. Well at least he is the most famous tuber of all time.

Who is the world famous footballer?

A portuguese footballer Christanio Ronaldo is the world famous footballer who is a top scorer in all career and has over 1 milllion fans.Christanio Ronaldo short name is cr7 ( Christanio Ronaldo 7 ).

Most famous Brazilian football player of all time?

although the most famous brazillian footballer goes by the name ofpeleFirst time, posting an answer, so please forgive me if I copied the previous answer accidentally.Anyway, Though he is known around the world as "Pele," the name he was given when he was born is actually "Edison Arantes do Nascimento"

Who is the most famous pope of all time?

Saint Peter would be the most famous of the popes.

Who was the most famous English playwright of all time during the Renaissance?

The most famous English playwright of all time would be William Shakespeare.

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