Can Liverpool be called rubbish

Updated: 8/19/2019
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No they are the best football club ever!!!

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Q: Can Liverpool be called rubbish
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How rubbish are Liverpool?

Not rubbish

Which team is the rubbish in the world?

the rubbish team in the world is Liverpool

Is Liverpool good?

Liverpool is rubbish go UNITED MAN U

Is man utd rubbish?

no they are a great team Chelsea, arsenal and Liverpool are rubbish

Is Liverpool rubbish?

Liverpool is the best team you'll get man united sucks

What happens in Liverpool to the rubbish?

It goes in the Mersey

Are Liverpool bad?

now they are a mess they are rubbish

Why are Liverpool football club rubbish?

get a life they arent

Why is Liverpool football club so rubbish this year?

Cause they are!

Will Torres go back to Liverpool?

I agree that Torres will probaly go back to Liverpool because he is rubbish at Chelsea

Are Man U rubbish?

No, but from a Liverpool fan's point of view, yes

Is Manchester united a rubbish football team?

Liverpool are the best. Yep.