Who is the leading rusher in the NFL so far?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Emmit Smith

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Q: Who is the leading rusher in the NFL so far?
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Who is the best team in NFL so far this season?

The bears (-:

How many concussions in the NFL so far this season?


Who is the leading wickettaker in ipl?

So far, it is Lasith Malinga.

Who is the nbas leading scorer so far this year?

Dwayne wade

What NFL team has the least wins?

The Miami Dolphins are who so far have no wins.

Who are the most penalized nfl teams so fr this year 2011?

So far? The Oakland Raiders.

Who are the most penalized nfl teams so far this year 2010?

Pittsburgh steelers

Who is the leading goal scorer so far this season in the English premiership?

Wayne Rooney

What 6 NFL teams so not have their own cheer leading team?

steelers packers bears giants browns panthers

Who is the MVP player in the NFL for 2012 so far?

Green Bay Packers Arron Rodgers.

Who is the best pass rusher in the NFL?

Shawne Merriman is without a doubt the best pass rusher in the NFL. His primary job on defense is to get to the quarterback. He has done that 39.5 times in the 42 games of his NFL career. That's 6 more sacks in 6 less games than The Dallas Cowboy's DeMarcus Ware. Merriman is the best bullrusher in the NFL today, making him the most unstoppable and relentless pass rusher currently in the NFL. Notable Pass Rushers: DeMarcus Ware, Jared Allen, Mario Williams, and Patrick Kerney UHH Def. Demarcus Ware. Merriman has been caught with steroids already so he cheats. Ware is pure talent and 20 sacks in one season shows it. Merriamn has never hit 20 and Ware has never had a HUGE injury like Merriamn. Ware can cover and catch the RB and alwasy has more tackels the Merriamn as well. Merriamn, all he does is rush. Ware dosent so he wont hav as many sacks, but still is better. If he was asked to do what Merriman was to do hed easliy have over 25 sacks.

What season was NFL player Michael Vick injured?

Every Season he's played so far.