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Q: Who are the most penalized nfl teams so far this year 2010?
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Who are the most penalized nfl teams so fr this year 2011?

So far? The Oakland Raiders.

How many teams entered in the tour de France?

In the year 2010, there are 22 teams.

How many teams qualified for fifa 2010 worldcup?

32 teams have qualified this year

How many national soccer teams are there in 2010?

There are approximately 200 national teams (and this year just a few more than that were listed).

What teams have the most ncaa tourney wins the last 10 years?

Three teams have two championships each between 2001-2010. Florida (2006, 2007) North Carolina (2005, 2009) Duke (2001, 2010) Next year UCONN will be added to the list (2004, 2011)

Is Uruguay in the last 8 of the 2010 football world cup?

Yes they are there one of the best teams this year.

In what year did the Dallas Cowboys hold the record for most penalties in one Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIV, the Dallas Cowboys were penalized 133 yards.

What are the teams for the 2010 Disney Channel games?

They arn't doing a Disney Channel games this year, they didn't have one last year either. ):

Which NFL teams have drafted the most Offensive Linemen?

as of this year only the Vikings have

What state has the most teams represented in this year's men's March Madness?


What are the most teams Ohio has had in ncaa tournament in one year?

4 2012

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