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Q: Who is the former player of world cup winning nation 7 a captain who later became an international umpire?
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Who is the former cricket player of the world cup winning nation and a captain who later became an international umpire?

venkat raghavan

Who is the former World Cup captain who later became an International Cricket Umpire?

It was Former Indian captain S Venkatraghavan.

Who is abedi Pele?

Abedi Pele is a former soccer player with the team Ghana International. He was also the captain of the team.

Which player to play international leve l football and cricket?

It is the former Wrest Indies captain Vivian Isaac Richards.

Which bowler holds the record for taking the maximum wickets in one day international?

wasim akram .He is former Pakistan captain

Former GLASGow rangers captain --- johnstone?

Derek Johnston is RFC former captain

Who was a former slave who worked as captain on a union ship and later became a congressman from South Carolina?

This would be Robert Smalls.

What soccer player's first name is Xavi?

Midfielder Xavier (Xavi) hernandez. Former FC Barcelona player and captain and Spanish international player.

What are the names of two muscle men who went on to international fame?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is former bodybuilder that was famous not only in America, but in his native Austria. Professional bodybuilder Phil Heath has attained international fame by winning Mr. Olympia.

Who is former captain of Kenya rugby team?


What is Ishin?

Former Soul Reaper Captain

In addition to being a former Air Force captain Ray Brennan also became the first person to die of what disease perishing in October 1976?

Legionnaire's disease