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It was Former Indian captain S Venkatraghavan.

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Q: Who is the former World Cup captain who later became an International Cricket Umpire?
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Who is the former cricket player of the world cup winning nation and a captain who later became an international umpire?

venkat raghavan

Who is the former player of world cup winning nation 7 a captain who later became an international umpire?

what,s the answer

When Ricky Ponting became the captain of Australian Cricket Team?

Ricky Ponting first became the captain of One Day Team of Australia in 2002 and then in 2004 became the captain of the Test Team.

What sport do you need to play to win the ICC Champions Trophy?

The ICC or International Cricket Councel hosts a One Day International cricket tournament every two years. It was originally known as the ICC Knock Out Tournament, but became known as the ICC Champions Trophy from 2002.

For how many years was Sourav Ganguly captain of the Indian cricket team?

Sourav Ganguly served as captain of India for nearly five years, between November 10, 2000 and September 20, 2005, at which point Rahul Dravid became the regular Indian captain.

Are rugby soccer and cricket Korean sports?

The Korean Rugby Union was set up in 1946, and affiliated to the IRFB in 1988. The game is mainly plaed in the south and contains may ex'pats. The Korea Cricket Association, which became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 2001. Their only international appearance to date was in the ICC East Asia/Pacific 8s tournament in Perth in 2002

Why was icc name changed from imperial cricket conference to the international cricket conference?

The name was changed because of decolonisation. This was a process by which the British influence in many areas, one of them sports, declined. Cricket was no longer the monopoly of the imperial powers. Cricket was becoming international. In time, it came to be accepted that the laws of cricket could not continue to be framed for British or Australian conditions of play and they became part of the technique of all bowlers, everywhere in the world.

When was the first cricket match played in India?

The First International Cricket Match in India was played in Bombay Gymkhana between India and England under the Captaincy of C.K.Nayadu . And LALA AMARNATH became the first player to score Century on Indian soil.

Who was the captain of the queens gard and became an imperial moff?

captain panaka.

An eminent cricket writer and cartoonist after he retired from cricket?

Arthur Mailey may be who you're thinking of; he played test cricket for Australia and became a cartoonist after retiring from cricket.

When did Sachin Tendualkar become the captain of your Indian team?

Sachin Tendulkar became the captain for the first time in the year 1996 of Indian cricket team. At that point of time Sachin had replaced Mohd Azzharuddin. Sachin was handed over the load of captaincy when Sachin was only just 23 years old. This does not give a good impression on Sachin Tendulkar record as captain.

How old was gretzky when he became captain?