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James LeBron 4 sure. I did a report on him and as i was reading the book i came across that fact.


i really don't think lebron won a 3 point contest, dirk nowitzki and Jason kapono have been repeatedly winning them recently, and in the beginning of his career lebron wasn;t a good 3 shooter.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 19:06:12
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Q: Who is the first player to win a dunk contest and a three point contest?
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Was Michael Jordan in a three point contest?

Yes in 1990 he competed in the three point contest with a record low for the contest of five made shots.

What type of basketball events are there?

There is a regular basketball game, a three point contest, and a dunk contest.

When was the first NBA three point shot?

It is believed that the first NBA three-point shot was made in 1979. The player credited with making that shot was Chris Ford.

How many 3 point contests has Larry bird won?

Larry Bird has won three 3-point contests. He won in 1986 (the first 3-point contest), '87, and '88.

Who was the first NBA player to shoot a three-point shot?

Chris Ford

Did Larry Bird ever get a perfect thirty in the three point contest?


When is the three point contest in 2011?

February 19, 2011. But, I don't know what time it is.

Why is your player mode on nba 2k11 for psp different than the one on 360?

It should be the same. Im not sure but maybe there isn't a dunk contest and three point on psp.

Who was the first college player to shoot a three point basket?

Ronnie Carr Ronnie Carr

Is there dunk and 3-point contests in nba 2k11?

Yes there are dunk and three point contest but im not sure if it's on PS2.

How you can play with Snoop Dogg in nba 2k11?

You can play as him as a celebrity. I believe you can only play with him in a game of 21, dunk contest, three point contest. You can also create a myplayer of him.

In what sport is a three-point play possible?

A three point play is possible in Basketball. A three point play occurs when a player is fouled while he or she is shooting, and that shot goes in.

What year did Micheal Jordan make his first three point shot?

he made his first three point shot for the Chicago Bulls

Athletic contest of 10 sports?

An athletic contest of ten sports is a decathlon and a contest of three sports is a triathlon

What is it called when a player shoots the ball into the basket for 2 or 3 points?

It is called making a basket. Two points are awarded if a player makes a basket from within the three point arc... and three points are awarded if a player makes a basket from beyond the three point arc.

Has the three point line affect basketball?

Well, I think you mean what is the three point line... well the three point line in basketball is a designated arc line radiating from the basket. If a player shoots beyond the three point line, it counts as three points while if you shoot inside the three point line, it only counts as two points.

Has anyone ever dunked from the three point line?

Yes Jared "J-Tom" Kestner did in a 2006 Canadian Streetball dunk contest.

If a basketball player hits three point shots 45 percent of the time what is the chances if she takes four shots during a game that she misses the first shot and hits the last three?


When is the sprite slam dunk contest 2010?

It already passed. It was on February 13th, 2010 at the Dallas Cowboy's stadium. Nate Robinson won, becoming the first player ever to win three slam-dunk contests.

Do you have to land inside the three point for it to count?

If you are talking about basketball, then no. A basket is worth three points if shot from behind the 3-point line, regardless of where the player lands.

What is a sporting contest with three events?


Who hit the first three-point shot?

Larry bird

Who was the the first college basketball player to ever make a three-point shot?

Ronnie Carr...He played for Western Carolina...He made the shot on Nov. 29, 1980

Which NBA player holds record for lifetime three point shots?

Reggie Miller.

The player with most three point shots in the nba playoffs?

That would be Reggie Miller.