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he made his first three point shot for the Chicago Bulls

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Q: What year did Micheal Jordan make his first three point shot?
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How many children does Micheal Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has three children two are boys and one girl.

Who hit the first three point shot in the ACC?

Michael Jordan

How many rings and mvp's did Micheal Jordan have at the age of 28?

Michael Jordan is a former basketball player that was born on February 17, 1963. The amount of rings and MVPs that Micheal Jordan had at the age of 28 was three.

What was the three numbers that Micheal Jordan used while playing for the Bulls?

23 45 12

Which of the three was born earlier Tom Hanks Richard Gere Micheal Jordan?

Richard Gere.

What are the three jersey numbers micheal jordan used for playing with the Chicago Bulls?

23 45 and 12

Has Michael Jordan ever jumped from the three point line?

Michael Jordan has never jumped from the three point line and dunked ball. He has jumped from the three point line before, but never to dunk. The farthest he has jumped to dunk a ball is from the free throw line.

Did Michael Jordan win a three point competition?


Who has the most three point plays in NBA history?

Michael jordan

Was Michael Jordan in a three point contest?

Yes in 1990 he competed in the three point contest with a record low for the contest of five made shots.

Who is the best three point shooter for 2010-2011?

reggie miller and Micheal are the two best but ray Allen is the best of all time

How many championships Michael Jordan won before he retired?

Michael Jordan won 6 NBA championships. The first three were in 1991, 1992, and 1993; and then he won three more in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

The lowest score in the three point shoot out in the 1990 NBA playoff?

Michael Jordan scored only 5 points In 1990.

When was the first NBA three point shot?

It is believed that the first NBA three-point shot was made in 1979. The player credited with making that shot was Chris Ford.

Michael Jordan's siblings?

Michael Jordan has four siblings; two brothers and two sisters. They are Larry, James, Deloris and Roslyn Jordan. The first three are older than Michael, while Roslyn is younger.

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk from the three point line?

No, he hasn`t dunked from the 3 point line (it would be so cool if he did but he didn`t)to dunk so yeah.

Which basketball player on October 6 1993 had retired for first of three times?

Michael Jordan

On this day in 1993 what Space-Jamming hoopster retired for the first of three times?

michael jordan

In what year did Michael Jordan hit that famous shot against the Jazz?

1998 He did it twice, also in 1997, game 5 often referred to as "the Flu Game". Jordan, at the free throw line with less than a minute to go makes the first one, misses the second and grabs the offensive rebound for a three point swish.

Who are the three archangels?

the three arch angels are Micheal, Gabrielle, and Raguel.

Who were the first three people to slam dunk from the free throw line?

The first three NBA players to do it officialy were: Dr J (Julios Erving) Michael Jordan Brent Barry

Who are the top 50 three point shooters in the NBA for 2008?

Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Jason Terry, Dirk Nowwitski for a few

Who made the first three-point basket in NBA history?

== == Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, made the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

How many championships did Michael Jordan win after he returned from his first retirement?


How long from the backboard to the three point line?

i would say about 19 feet so ya my name is michael jordan by the way so ya