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Yes it would still be considered as a hat trick

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Yes, a hat trick is actually not three wickets in a row, its three in an over.

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Q: If there is a wide ball between three consecutive wickets is the hatrick valid in cricket?
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The most wickets in a row ever in cricket?

Ken Cumming was a West Australian Fast-Medium Bowler who in Australian First Grade cricket in March 1944 took 5 wickets in consecutive balls.

What is the name for the ground between wickets in Cricket?

That would be the cricket pitch.

What is one word that means to take three wickets in a row?


What is the distance between the wickets in cricket?

22 yards

Where would you find a chain on a cricket pitch?

Between the wickets

In cricket how many yard between the wickets?

150 yards in test cricket

What is the area between the two wickets on a cricket field called?


How many wickets are taken in One day or T-20 cricket on consecutive balls?

4 wickets in 4 balls. It was achieved by Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga against South Africa.

Who has taken the most wickets in one day cricket?

MURALIDARAN has taken the most wickets in one day cricket(515 wickets).

Who took most wickets in the 1979 Cricket World Cup?

Mike Hendrick (England) took most wickets in the 1979 Cricket World Cup. He took 10 wickets in 1979 Cricket World Cup.

First man to take hatrick wicket in cricket?

FR Spofforth Australian bowler took first hatrick Against England on 2 January, 1879 in Melbourne Australia. His wickets were:VPFA Royle (bowled)FA Mackinnon (bowled)T Emmett (c1 TP Horan)

Who has taken most wickets in the Test Cricket?

Mutthaih Muralidharan has taken most wickets (800) in the Test Cricket.