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Kyle Harrison of Johns Hopkins University

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Q: Who is the first black player to play NCAA Lacrosse?
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When did lacrosse become an NCAA sport?

The first college lacrosse game was in 1877 (not ncaa yet). The first NCAA sponsored lacrosse tournament was in 1971.

When was NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship created?

NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship was created in 1971.

How do you become an NCAA lacrosse player?

You play for a high school team, then you go to lacrosse camps. The camps usually have scouts there from NCAA teams. Or just go to a school with one and try out. Hope this helps. :)

Who won the NCAA lacrosse championship in 2003?

The 2003 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Champion was Virgiana. They defeated Johns Hopkins 9-7.

Who is the leading NCAA lacrosse scorer?

Gary Gait

Do you get a ring when you win the ncaa lacrosse championship?


Did Hopkins lacrosse ever play Boston college lacrosse?

Not likely, Boston College Lacrosse is a MCLA not NCAA like Hopkins

Does uga have lacrosse?

yes but not an NCAA one... its a club team in the MCLA (Mens Club Lacrosse Association)

Who is the NCAA men's Lacrosse national champions in 2010?


Which team won the most lacrosse championships?

In college lacrosse, Johns Hopkins has won 44 national championships -- 35 of these were earned prior to the first NCAA Division I tournament in 1971.

What is the movie title about the first black NCAA basketball team to win the NCAA tournament?

Glory Road

Is Syracuse the best NCAA lacrosse team?

It is a very opinionated question. Although, in my opinion Syracuse is the best NCAA lacrosse team. But, has much competition with other Big East Schools.

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