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rahul dravid

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Q: Who is the first Indian cricketer to get hundred against all countries to play Test match cricket?
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Indian cricketer who scored the first hundred in One Day International Cricket?

Kapil Dev

Who was the first cricketer to score hundred against each test playing country?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the first India cricketer to get hundred agains all courtnies to play test match cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar maybe he is still a fine batsmen

How did Don Bradman get famous?

He was a brilliant cricket batsman. When he was at school he didn't have much sport, so he used a cricket stump to hit a golf ball against the water tank. This taught him about hitting at certain angles to avoid letting the ball get caught out.

Zimbabwean cricketer scored a hundred on Test debut against West Indies and made his international T20 debut against Bangladesh in 2006.?

Hamilton Masakadza

Who got first triple hundred in cricket?

don brodman is the person who got first triple hundred in cricket

Who played 1st hundred in icc cricket world cup?

Dennis Amiss scored the first century in the world cup against india

Which Indian cricketer made highest number of double hundred?

Rahul Dravid

What two countries that fought against each other in the Hundred Years War?

The two countries fighting in the Agincourt Hundred years war were France and England. And just to let you know... it was 116 years.

What do you call one hundred runs in cricket?

A century.

Sachin second oneday match in international cricket?

He scored a hundred in his second oneday match in international cricket.

What is one hundred run s in cricket said to be?

a century