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don brodman is the person who got first triple hundred in cricket

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Q: Who got first triple hundred in cricket?
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Who got triple century for Indian cricket team?

Virender sehwag is the only triple century holder for India on world arena.

Who was the first got out on duck in cricket world cup?

Harilal Shah was first one to got out on duck in cricket world cup.

Who is the first Indian cricket player got 200 in ODI?

sachin tendulkar (India) is the first Indian cricket player got 200 in ODI

Who got first World Cup in cricket?

west indies win the first world cup in cricket

Who has got Highest triple centuries in test cricket?

Virender Sehwag , 278 ball fastest triple century for India against South Africa in 2008.

Who is the first srilankan cricket player that got 800 wickets?

Muttiah Muralitharan

Who got the first century in test cricket for Sri Lanka?

Arjuna ranathunga

Who got century in Twenty Twenty cricket for first time?

Chris Gale

How many times Indian cricket team got first place in ODI?


How many runs has Shane warne got in a real game?

107 not out in first class cricket

How sehwag's triple century in test?

he has two triple hundreds one against Pakistan 301 i think anf another against south Africa 319 .he narrowly missed another one when he got out on 293 against sri lanka .had he scored another triple hundred he would have three triple hundreds which would be a world record

Who got the first century in test cricket for India?

Lala Amarnath on his debut in 1933

What is the stick cricket password for Ireland?

how to get your password for your cricket .if you for got it.

Who got the first hattrick in world cup cricket?

Jalal-ud-Din from pakistan got 1st hattrick in world cup on 20 september 1982

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The Mormon Cricket is a shieldbacked katydid found in the western United States. They got their name because a swarm of them threatened to destroy the first crops planted by Mormons in Utah.

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The first player who scored 10000 runs in cricket?

there has not been a pro get 1000 but brian Lara got 400 odd once

Who got retiered for Indian cricket team 2014?

no cricketer got retired from indian cricket team in 2014. But MS. Dhoni retired from test format from the tour of australia .

How did don bradman change cricket forever?

he got worlds highest average of 99.94 in cricket

Who is the highest run soccor in test cricket?

Sachin is a cricket legend. He got the highest run.

Who was the coach of the Indian cricket team when they won the World Cup in 1983?

There were no coaches those days,India got its first coach in 1996.

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What has cricket got to do with geography?

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