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Dilip vengserkar

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Q: Who is the first Indian cricket player to play 100 test matches?
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Who is India's first captain in one day internationals?

Ajit Wadekar is a former Indian international cricket player. He was the first Indian one day international team captain. He captained Indian team in its first ODI match in a tour of England in 1974. He played only two ODi matches in that tour and retired from cricket subsequently.

First Indian cricket player to get 100 runs?

Lala Amarnath

Who was the first Indian cricket player to hit a century?

Lala Amarnath

Who was the first cricket player in t20 century Indian team?

Suresh Raina

Indian cricket player who scored highest centuries in first class cricket?

Who else..?? It's the great Sachin Tendulkar..!

Who is the first Indian test cricket captain?

C.K.Nayudu was the first indian test cricket captain

Who is first Indian player to play English Premier League?

There is no Indian footballer who has played in the English premier league

Who made first century in cricket?

Charles bannerman have scored the first century in cricket test matches.

Which Indian player bowled the first maiden over in T20 cricket?

R P singh

The first Indian cricketer to have been honoured by 'WIS DEN' was?

shree duleep shinji was the first Indian to be honored by WIS DEN but he played cricket for England and whereas, iftikhar ali khan pataudi was the first Indian Cricket Player to be honored by WIS DEN

How many matches in odi cricket?

3265 international ODI cricket matches have been played since the 1970s (the year of first ODI)

Who was the first Indian cricket team captain?

C K Naidu is the first Indian cricket team captain.