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In 2010, wide receiver Mike Wallace led the Steelers in receiving yards (1,257) and receptions (60).

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Q: Who is the current Pittsburgh Steelers top receiver?
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Which is the the top team in national football league?

The current Super Bowl Champions are the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What was the YA title football game with his famous photograph?

It was a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Pitt Stadium (in 1965 I believe). The win is considered one of the top 5 in Steelers history by current owner Dan Rooney. The picture was taken by a Pittsburgh Press photographer.

What are the top ten teams based on number of fans?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are #1 and who cares after that!

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the top record holding team?

In Super Bowl championships they are, with six.

How do you construct a Pittsburgh Steelers logo?

You first draw a diamond on the top which is yellow, then you make a red diamond to the right in the middle, then a blue diamond, then write Steelers in the middle.

Who are the defensive leaders for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, the top defensive players for the Steelers are Troy Polamalu, LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, Ryan Clark and Ike Taylor.

Why are the Pittsburgh Steelers so bad?

Never knew they were, since the 70's they have always been near the top.

Do the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best defense?

No, but they have a very good one. The top 3 would probally be the Vikings, Jets, and Ravens

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers all time best player?

According to the NFL Network's all-time top 10 Steelers players, Joe Greene was voted number one.

Who are the top 5 Super Bowl Winners?

Pittsburgh Steelers. Dallas Cowboys. New England Patriots. Washington Redskins. San Francisco 49ers.

Who are the Pittsburgh Steelers star players?

As of 2012, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley and Mike Wallace are some of their top players.

What are the top 5 teams that have the most super bowl wins?

Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and New York Giants.

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers have won Super Bowl 43?

No, because his two feet were on top of each other. Yes, because both sets of toes were inbounds.

Which NFL teams are in the top 5 in winning the most Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh Steelers 6, Dallas Cowboys 5, San Francisco 5, Green Bay 3 and New England 3.

Who are the top ten Pittsburgh Steelers players?

The Top 10 Pittsburgh Steelers players according to the NFL Network:Joe GreeneTerry BradshawFranco HarrisRod WoodsonJack LambertMel BlountTroy PolamaluHines WardLynn SwannJerome Bettis

Who were the Pittsburgh Steelers receivers in the mid 80s?

The Steelers top 2 receivers in the mid-80's were John Stallworth and Louis Lipps. John Stallworth in 1984 had 1,395 yards and 937 yards in 1985. Louis Lipps had 860 yards in 1984 and 1,134 yards in 1985. Stallworth played from 1974-1987 with the Steelers and Lipps from 1984-1991.

What is the top American football team?

The Green Bay Packers are currently the best football team in America, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV on February 6th, 2010 by a score of 31-25.

Why are the Pitttsburgh Steelers called the Steelers?

The team was called the Pirates (just like Pittsburgh's baseball team) from the time it was founded in 1933 until 1940. In 1940, the team held a contest for a new name. The winning entry was for the name "Steelers," reflecting Pittburgh's history as the nation's top steel-producing city. The team's logo on its helmet is the "Steelmark" logo created by U.S. Steel for the American Iron and Steel Institute. The only change is that the Steelers' logo changes the word "Steel" to "Steelers". This logo has been on the team's helmet since 1962.

What are the top two best NFL football teams?

1) Green Bay Packers 2) Pittsburgh Steelers The preceding opinion completely left out the Oakland Raiders and the Philadelphia Eagles...

When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers were home underdogs?

Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh Steelers were underdogs at the NFL betting window on Sunday, September 12, 2010 when they hosted Matt Ryan and the Falcons at Heinz Field.The Pittsburgh Steelers had their top two quarterbacks on the shelf with Ben Roethlisberger suspended and Byron Leftwich out with a knee injury. Mike Tomlin's squad started Dennis Dixon under center for Sunday's NFL season-opener against the Atlanta Falcons, who were 3-1, SU and ATS, in their four games last season against AFC foes.Four months earlier, sportsbooks opened the Steelers as one-point home favorites, while first setting the 'total' at 41. Early NFL betting action had made Pittsburgh shift to be a two-point dog, with the 'total' traveling south to 37 ½.The Steelers won the game, 15-9.

Who has the most bowl appearances and wins?

most appearance in a superbowl is the cowboys with a record of 5 and 3. the most superbowl wins goes to the Pittsburgh steelers 6-1. with the SF 49ers rounding out the top 3 with a record of 5-0

Who are the top 10 football teams?


What are the top 10 shutouts in NFL history?

the best shut out was Steelers on Colts. Score was 69-0 Steelers.

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