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Dukes's J.J.Redick

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Q: Who is the career leader for three points in NCAA history?
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Who is the leader in UNC history for three points?

Shammon Williams

Who is all time career scorer in NCAA Division 1 basketball?

Pete Maravich is the all time scoring leader. He averaged 44.2 points a game during his 4 year college career. According to Dale Brown, his coach at LSU, who conducted research to adjust his points total if the 3 point shot had been around he would have averaged 13 three pointers per game. That would have made his career average 57 points per game.

Who made the first three points basket in NBA history?

== == Chris Ford, of the Boston Celtics, made the first three-point shot in NBA history on October 12, 1979.

Who are the top three points shooters in the history of the NBA?

Ray Allen Derek Fisher Jerome Randle

Who made the second most three pointers in the history of the NBA?

Currently, Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics has the second most career three pointers in the NBA.

What are the three highest individual points scored games in the NBA history?

13, 72, and 16 or maybe 17

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If it is outside the key you get three points.

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thre lines that intersect in three points

Who is the NCAA all time leader in points per game?

In only three years playing for his father Press Maravichat LSU, Maravich scored 3,667 points - 1,138 points in 1968, 1,148 points in 1969 and 1,381 points in 1970 while averaging 43.8, 44.2 and 44.5 points per game

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