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Brian Urlacher

no retard Jonathan vilma on the saints and ray Lewis on the ravens

No Brian Urlacher and Brian Cushing are! Retard!

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Q: Who is the best run stuffing linebacker in the NFL?
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Who is the best NFL linebacker?

The man who is currently considered to be the best all-around linebacker is Brian Urlacher. The best pass rushing linebacker is basically a tie between DeMarcus Ware & Shawne Merriman. The best run stopping linebacker is Zach Thomas. There's also an blue chip linebacker named Rey Maualuga who's considered to soon be the best run stopping linebacker. Ray Lewis is still great, was great, and will be great. None of these guys have the same stats at Ray Lewis. Ray is actually one of my favorite players, but if you are going to go on the subject of comparing statistics, it's still Brian Urlacher. So I stick to my earlier post.

How fast does a linebacker have to run to go to the NFL?

Doesn't really matter, but usually they have the quickness and are strong enough to dominate their position.

Words that start with o pertaining to football?

· off-tackle run · offside · onside kick · option offense · outside linebacker · Oakland Raiders (NFL)

Who is referred to as the best run blocking receiver in the NFL?

Hines Ward

What NFL player is the best?

Peyton manning cause he has no run game or defense

What is the main purpose of a linebacker?

The linebackers main job is to stop the run.

Why is the upper epidermis cells thin and transparent?

to avoid the linebacker and run in for the td

Where Is The Second Gem On Build-A-Bearville?

run for stuffing or bear-2-racingcars

What are the best rushing performances in nfl playoff history?

James farriore 100 yard run

What does a ROLB do in football?

Right Outside Linebacker is the weak side linebacker and is responsible for containing the run or outside. Sometime may have to drop back into pass coverage or blitz

Where is the fourth hieroglyphic in build a bear ville?

the fourth hieroglyphic is in the run for the stuffing game

Who is the best NFL team?

The Chicago Bears are the best NFL Team because they have the best quarterback in the league, Jay Cutler, who can run and, unlike Michael Vick, can also throw really well. They also have the best special teams guy in the NFL History, Devin Hester, Roy Williams, Brian Urlacher, Charles Tillman, you name someone, the Chicago Bears are DEFINITELY the best team in the NFL!

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