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he definitely wasnt the fastest player in the nfl but he was the fastest quarterback in the nfl in the last decade.I can say that Michael Vick has many talents and can not only throw the ball but run and catch the football as well.
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Q: Is Michael Vick the fastest runner in the NFL?
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Who the fastest qb in the NFL?

The fastest QB ever to enter the nfl is Michael Vick.

Who was the fastest QB in the nfl in 2005?

In 2005, it was probably Michael Vick, he was QB for the Atlanta Falcons at the time.

What college did NFL player Michael Vick play for?

NFL player Michael Vick played for Virginia Tech.

How much does NFL player Michael Vick weigh?

NFL player Michael Vick weighs 215 pounds.

When did Michael Vick start playing in NFL?

Vick started playing in the nfl in 2005

Who is the runningest quarterback in the NFL?

michael vick

Who is the fastest quaterback?

In the NFL probably Michael Vick but he ruined his starting career by having dog fights he might start later on!

Who is the fastest quarterback in the NFL now that Michael Vick is not playing?

josh johnson, hes not actually in the nfl yet but hes in the combine. he runs a 4.27, making him the fastest QB. he went to the U of Sandiego.

What year was Michael Vick drafted to the NFL?


Who is the best nfl quarterback of 2011?

Michael Vick

Who ran the fastest forty in the NFL?

Chris Johnson of the Tennessee titans is the fastest runner in the NFL.

Who is the fastest nfl runningback?

That's an opinion. But mine is Mike Vick.

Who are the Top 5 fastest qb in nfl?

It is -- Michael Vick Pat White Vince Young Troy Smith Maybe Tony Romo.

How old in Vick?

Michael Vick is 34 years old. Michael Vick is a professional quarterback in the NFL having played for the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles.

What happened to Marcus Vick?

Marcus Vick is the brother of NFL player Michael Vick. He played one game in the NFL before he was dismissed due to personal incidents.

How many NFL career wins does Michael Vick have?


What nfl quarterback has the most sacks in 2012?

michael vick

Is Michael Vick allowed back to the NFL?

no hes a idiot

Who was the highest paid NFL player in history?

Michael Vick

Who are the 100 million dollar players in the NFL?

michael vick

What team is Michael Vick?

New York Jets of NFL

Who is the fastest quarterback in the history of the NFL?

Micheal Vick, 4.4 40 at the combine.

How old is Michael Vick?

Former NFL QB Michael Vick is 37 years old (birthdate: June 26, 1980).

When was Michael Vick reinstated to the NFL?

Yes, he can play the 3rd week of the NFL season

What was the first team Michael Vick played on?

The 1st NFL team Vick played on was the Atlanta Falcons.