Who is the best golfer to play the sport of golf?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Who is the best golfer to play the sport of golf?
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Name something you might buy for a golfer?

If you are not a golfer, avoid at all cost any kind of silly or goofy golf-theme gifts. These are useless and a waste of money. Unless you know the golfer and his unique needs, for example, what kind of golf ball does he play with, it's usually best to treat the golfer to a gift certificate from a good pro shop. You can't go wrong.

Is golf a sport or game?

It is a sport, although you can play a game of golf.

What sport does jack nicklaus play?

He is a professional golfer.

What sport does Tiger Woods play?


What sport can you play a lifetime?


What sport does lance play?


Which president's favorite sport was golf?

Harding and Eisenhower were noted as playing gold while they were president. Kennedy was supposedly an excellent golfer but did not play much as president or if he did, it not attract much attention in the press. I think Clinton also plays golf.

What can't people bring on a golf course while watching the golfer's play?


What professional sport did Charlie Sifford play?

Charlie Sifford was a professional golfer.

What has the author Arnold Palmer written?

Arnold Palmer has written: 'Arnold Palmer's complete book of putting' -- subject(s): Putting (Golf) 'Golf, the Greatest Game' 'Moveable Feasts' 'Arnold Palmer's best 54 golf holes' -- subject(s): Golf, Golf courses 'Portrait of a professional golfer' 'A golfer's life' -- subject(s): Biography, Golfers 'Go for broke' -- subject(s): Golf, Palmer, Arnold, 1929- 'Play great golf' -- subject(s): Golf

What is the legal age of golf players?

There is no such thing. But some Golf courses may have a minimum age which a Golfer should be to play their course.

Why is finding a golf instructor that can work with you as a beginner vital?

Every golfer needs a golf adviser who teaches the exact way to play.