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hope solo

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Q: Who is the best goal keeper in the world now?
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Can a dropped ball be scored directly into an opponents goal in socceR?

No. It is now treated as an "indirect" start of play. This is a rule change that has happened in Aug 2012. It will now be a GK or CK (unless the goal keeper has touch it, on the way to the goal. So effectively you can not score an Own goal as well.

Who is the good player on soccer?

I think you would have to narrow your question to different positions. Who is the best defender, striker, goal keeper, etc. Most people think of offense and scoring when they think of the best. I would say that right now it might be Lionel Messi of Argentina.

What is the name of the Australian wicket keeper?

right now the wicket keeper is Brad Haddin. Previously, and more famous, Adam Gilchrist was wicket keeper.

Who is Most capped England international?

It's still the goal-keeper Peter Shilton, although, as an outfield player, David Beckham has recently gone past 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore. I think Beckham is now on about 110 caps.

Who is the highest goal scorer 2010 world cup?

Till now the world cup hasn't ended yet, so no winner till now

Who is the best soccer player in football club Barcelona?

messi as he is now the best player in the world after the Manchester united and Barcelona match as messi scored the final goal and the end result wasd 2-0

What is Portuguese for 'goal'?

Meta (As I have a goal) Now goal for soccer is (Gol)

Which is the best site in the world? its the best go on it now

Who is the best stricker in the world now?


Who is the best human being in the world as of now?


Is New Zealand really the best rugby team in the world?

they definatly were. but now I'm not so sure. they are definatly one of the best in the world. but not THE best. i'd say its immpossible to choose a best team in the world right now

Has any Irishman scored a goal in the European cup final now the champions league?

George Best 1968

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